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Latest iPhone clone boasts unique feature

Currently one of the most watched items on eBay the $108.88 I68+ TOUCH SCREEN UNLOCKED I9 for T-MOBILE AT&T PHONE is one of the best iPhone clones we’ve seen, even if it IS a 1st gen clone.

Above: Well, at least they took the Apple logo off, which is more than some clone makers did…

Aside from the upside-down back and odd camera placement, you might think it was a real iPhone, except of course, like all iPhone knock-offs costing 1/4 the price, it appears to have twice as many features as the real iPhone, including video recording, FM radio, downloadable (non-iTunes) ringtones, bluetooth data syncing, and something called a “Built-in gravity inductor function”, which we assume you can use to wirelessly pull people’s pants down from a safe distance.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Steve for the tip!

9 Responses to “Latest iPhone clone boasts unique feature”
  1. jonro says:

    I wish my iPhone had a gravity inductor. That would come in handy on those weekend trips to the moon. I keep bouncing around inside the spaceship. Maybe Apple will add one.

  2. odin says:

    Okay so lets clear this up, a built in gravity inductor is dangerous business. If too many people where to turn it on at the same time… the Earth would turn inside out, like a piece of popcorn!

  3. iShervin says:

    I want (Built-in gravity inductor function) on my iPhone 3G…
    can anyone do an APP for it to do exactly what Doc said!

  4. jonro says:

    Odin is correct, but fortunately, Apple will track simultaneous gravity inductor usage (less than 30 people per square kilometer is safe) and only allow the feature to function on your phone when you are in a safe zone.

  5. Don’t forget your iButter.

  6. Imagine Engine says:

    Instead of iPhone knockoffs it would better consumers for Apple to provide features we need instead of minor firmware updates. I don’t know whether to be amazed or pissed that it takes Apple this long and they still can’t provide features such as video recording, voice command, voice dial (without the need for a third party app), multiple attachments for Mail, A2DP, Bluetooth file transfer, themes (ie: Winterboard), ability to see minutes used on a 24 clock for a user billing period broken down into weekday, weeknight and weekend, call/sms blocker (ie: iBlacklist), tethering (ie: iPhoneModem, PDANet), turn by turn GPS navigation, edit documents not just read them and the ability to run apps in the background.

  7. MacSheikh says:

    Ok, shhh…i got only a few pieces left of the Gravity Inductor in my pocket here. Works with both the 1st Gen as well as the 3G iPhone.

    Come on, you know you all want one. I’ll start the bidding at $50. Anyone?

    And you did NOT hear this from me, get it?

  8. imajoebob says:

    I can’t wait to use mine to call everyone from my bridge in Brooklyn.

    3 Photoshop pictures, a Hong Kong shipping address, and USPS shipping? Sure! Here’s my hundred bucks! Is there an option where you kick me in the groin too?

  9. claudius says:

    I believe the gravity inductor function will allow the user the option of turning the phone to view images either horizontally or vertically, the phone will automatically recognize that it is being held either vertically or horizontally and automatically adjust the picture to that plane, this feature, I believe, also allows the user to switch forward or backward through audio tracks and images with just a flick of the wrist… this I find very cool, can your phone do that? I think the iphone clone just put the original apple iphone in the shade (what will they think of next…)in terms of cost and features…iphone clone you out did yourself, take a bow! round of applause! Encore! Encore!

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