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Wow, that was quick

I won’t say this isn’t homophobic, and I won’t say this isn’t racist, but I also won’t say I didn’t laugh once or twice. And man, talk about a fast turn around!

Surprisingly I find the singing and acting quality to be about the same as the original.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Kevin for the link!

10 Responses to “Wow, that was quick”
  1. Xero says:

    lol like know one would notice its a mac book the brat is using

    Microsoft add department once again u fail

  2. jonro says:

    That was so much better than the original version!

    Songsmith is so cool! I’ll bet it even lets you play your songs on your Zune! 🙂

  3. darrell says:

    too long. just like the original.

  4. Jon says:

    I am gay, and I think it’s awesome…does that make me a self-hating fag?

  5. roy says:

    darn you doc and your web site,i am running out of usage stop being so entertaining

  6. The moment the mon started singing really made me lol!

  7. Sugapablo says:

    I think the original video was more gay.

  8. Sybren says:

    OMG this software from MS is real, i thought it was just a veryy big joke but after some research i found out that this is NO joke. still becoming from the shock something that crapy could be made… that’s the thing that makes me laugh the most

  9. Steve says:

    Someone PLEASE tell me where to view this – its already been taken down! OH NOOOOEEES

  10. Poo says:

    Here’s the new URL:

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