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Apple “Truth in Advertising” test commercial

Remember the 1990 Dudley Moore classic “Crazy People“? Sure you do – every year it tops AFI’s Top 100 movies of all time list. Well, long story short in case you missed it, Moore is an ad exec who is fed up with the Madison Ave scene and ends up in a mental hospital where his fellow inmates help him come up with a “truth in advertising” campaign that ends up being wildly successful. (Example: “Volvo: they’re boxy, but they’re good.”)

Well, it looks like YouTuber vctrlalonde thought that perhaps Apple might have similar success selling MacBooks if they showed some real world Mac users using their gear in real life settings. Forget the eerily “all white” world of traditional Apple ads with hip kids using Garage Band and such. Take a look at how real life Mac user (and best selling author/evolutionist) Richard Dawkins uses his PowerBook – to answer his hate mail.

I use mine for pretty much the same thing actually, although luckily so far most of my hate mail has stopped short of actual death threats. Still, it’s an interesting thought, and might get Apple out of all those “truth in advertising” lawsuits it’s getting hit with.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Billy for the tip!

9 Responses to “Apple “Truth in Advertising” test commercial”
  1. Tice says:

    Haha, great found! Love that guy and love that clip. : )

  2. Rainy says:

    WTF! Macendoofus.

  3. Fred Edison says:

    It rocked.

  4. iShervin says:


  5. Xeno says:

    Yay! Let us all pray to the all powerful Atheismo that Richard Dawkins lives forever.

  6. Jonro says:

    That’s very cool. Feel free to film me surfing the Internet 🙂

  7. Ed says:

    Great! I love it.

  8. Greg says:

    I am a huge Dawkins fan, and I am laughing my a$$ off. This is proceless!

  9. imajoebob says:

    Why would anyone of more than the most limited intelligence post this on their web site? Even one as tedious and unimaginative as this. To think this is clever is akin to finding smoking chimpanzees entertaining. In fact, smoking chimpanzees are at least two levels more clever than this. Even the chimpanzees find your humor puerile and tedious. That you insult your readers with this tripe demands you suffer public humiliation, or a position in the Bush White House. But I repeat myself.

    I cannot fathom that anyone using a Mac would ever behave in such a hostile, aggressive fashion. I find you contemptible.

    Have a nice day.

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