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iJiggly•Bikini finally brings Interactive, 3D Jiggly Boobs to the iPhone, where they belong

iPhone 3d boobs

When iBoobs was banned from the iTunes app store, we all feared we would never have an accelerometer-based 3D breast Jiggling app for the iPhone. Sure, iJiggles and Wobble stepped up to the plate with their 2D offerings, but let’s be honest, after that 3D episode of Chuck following the Super Bowl, 2D just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

Well, the crafty folks at Shroomies LLC managed to sneak one past the iTunes sentinels, and have successfully brought iJiggly•Bikini ($0.99) to the iPhone.

Above: Personally, I think Shroomies didn’t need to be so sneaky – they could have simply marketed iJiggly as a self-breast-cancer test training tool.

So, how’d they do it where others could not? Well, out of the box, and despite its name, iJiggly•Bikini does not ship with the bikini jiggling functionality. However, a great feature of iJiggly is that it allows users to upload and share their own 3D models which they can download and make “wiggle”. Now personally, MY first thought would be to upload something wholesome, say, a 3D model of a LAMP, or a TABLE, and make THAT jiggle. But apparently someone with a MUCH dirtier mind than me decided to make himself a pair of virtual breasts, and he’s been nice enough to share them with the iJiggly•Bikini community. So you see, technically, the “Red Bikini” model is user-created, and not an official part of the iJiggly•Bikini package, so they can’t be responsible for them (although iJiggly has posted instructions on adding them on their website).

Sound like fun? Well, assuming you are over 18, but have the mentality of a 5 year-old, read on to see how to activate the Double-D-sized bouncy goodness and really class up your iPhone!

iPhone 3d boobs
Don’t let the Jello fool you, there’s more to iJiggly than meets the eye.

If you want to download the bikini model:
Step 1:
– Click on the Info button

iPhone 3d boobs

Step 2:
– Click on the Question Mark button

iPhone 3d boobs

iPhone 3d boobs

Step 3:
– Change the Update URL in the app to: http://mistlore.com/bikini/

iPhone 3d boobs
Above: Protecting the children…

Step 4:
– Click the Done button

iPhone 3d boobs

Step 5:
– Click on the Refresh button

iPhone 3d boobs

I’m not sure how long Apple will keep this app up there, so if 3D iPhone boobs interest you, I’d suggest you act now. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “iJiggly•Bikini finally brings Interactive, 3D Jiggly Boobs to the iPhone, where they belong”
  1. I love that people are sneaking apps like this into the iPhone app store. It’s like a trojan horse for silly, pointless boob jiggling. Not that there’s anything wrong with jiggling jumblies!
    Another app I saw for jailbroken iPhones is ufookme, which is definitely more interactive than this one. You have to love the adult industry and other deviants working hard to dirty up the iPhone!

  2. MIke says:

    And ImageToys iJiggles Your Mom seems to have the same functionality, only it’s free (so far).

  3. BZK says:

    Love that App! Brings back mammaries, watching round TV, etc. Oops – I mean MEMORIES. My wife (whom I married let’s say pre-bicentennial era) said it reminds her of her O’l jogging days. “Her” question is, Is there something for her like that special something that will move (swing/whatever) to the metronome?
    As Bob used to say, “Thanks for the memories!”

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