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I’m voting for that shirt Woz, not you

I know I said I wasn’t going to watch Steve Wozniak on Dancing with the Stars – I feared I might somehow lose respect for the Apple co-founder – but that’s only because I didn’t realize he’d be wearing pink satin shirts (grudgingly) tucked into form fitting pants! This changes everything!

Above: Steve Wozniak, begging for Mac users’ votes

As we all know, I am a fan of exquisite fabrics and theatrical costumes, especially when worn by 300 pound tech industry giants, so don’t worry Woz, I totally get it now. See ya Mondays at 8!

[via MacDailyNews]

11 Responses to “I’m voting for that shirt Woz, not you”
  1. mangochutney says:

    Sweet buttery Jesus!

    Other than that:
    You should ask Woz if he could ask his dance partner to appear on MCotM sometime.

  2. alex says:

    he talks fast oO

  3. alex says:

    ps. “tech industry giants”, you got that last word right 😉

  4. Carlo says:


    I second that!

  5. darrell says:

    do you have to watch the show to vote?

  6. Jim says:

    I normally watch DWTS to see Edyta, but watching Woz brings a whole new dynamic to the show … it’s that basic human condition – to purposefully look at an accident – on one hand, you hope you don’t see anything gruesome, but something inside compels you to look anyway.

    This season … don’t be surprised if you hear “Attention viewers – we have a clean up on isle 9”

  7. odin says:

    One Steve shrinks, the other expands.

  8. mangochutney says:


    Very Yin Ying!

  9. mangochutney says:

    Make that Yin Yang.

    I knew it was too early to get out of the bed.

  10. iShervin says:

    well I am in UK and I haven’t watch the show! I wish I could vote for him 🙂

  11. Jonro says:

    I hate to say this, but it’s time for Woz to get off of his Segway and to start walking. I want to see him around as a healthy elder statesman of technology in 30 years.

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