DELL’S unibody MacBook… Er, I mean, Adamo. Um, no, actually I’m pretty sure it’s a MacBook - Macenstein

DELL’S unibody MacBook… Er, I mean, Adamo. Um, no, actually I’m pretty sure it’s a MacBook

Looks like it took Dell only 5 months to copy Apple’s all in one unibody construction method. That might be a new record! They even appear to have used WALL-E’s girlfriend Eve to do it.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader James for the link!

[via geekbrief]

26 Responses to “DELL’S unibody MacBook… Er, I mean, Adamo. Um, no, actually I’m pretty sure it’s a MacBook”
  1. edoreld says:

    Let’s give these guys credit…

    They sure ARE the best copiers in the industry!

  2. Goatboy says:

    No one can ever do it like Apple. Somehow apple just looks better and classier in the end.

  3. vonspace says:

    they have no shame…!!!

  4. Graham says:

    They have a much nicer looking factory than Apple does. 😉

  5. Xander D says:

    What is with that girl at the end? If you need a model to make your computer look good, at least get a good looking one.

  6. iShervin says:

    Right Click, Copy
    Right Click, Paste
    this is the DELL’s new way of doing things…

  7. mangochutney says:

    I think it looks pretty good actually.
    The ad was ok, too, up until the girl holding the laptop.
    It felt misplaced.

    Although the name reminds me of Gul Dukat somehow.

  8. Justin says:

    I think that was the same chic that was modeling it at CES?

  9. Kyle says:

    Well, my work is a straight Microsoft/Dell shop… so if we could get at least some sort of “copy” of the macbook on our assigned laptops, I’ll take it.

    Granted, it’s shelved as soon as I go home to my apple babies. 😀

  10. tz says:

    Such a clunky, cluttered and tasteless “copy” if it could be called that. Seems to be more MacBook inspired rather than a copy.

  11. kirkgray says:

    I do like the way they’ve hinged the screen to allow full size connectors along the back while the keyboard can be thinner than the connectors.

  12. aga says:

    Love the backlit keyboard. thought apple owned some patent on that?

  13. Kutt-Out says:


  14. Dave-O says:

    Clearly their process is much better because it happens in space. If Apple can’t break free of this pesky gravity, it will never be nimble enough to compete.

  15. It seem that Dell after his CEO announced the dead of Apple a couple of years ago had change and start the photocopier. By the way a very bad photocopier, the same Microsoft is using to copy Mac OS. The manufacturing process seem to have been copied well. It is up to the legals to give us some instructing news.
    I am not willing to sell my new (refurb) MacBook for an Adamo.
    No, definitively, no thanks!

  16. Eimantas says:

    i bet they made that commercial using Mac OS X and some Final Cut Pro .) and of course, on iMac or MacPro ,)

  17. Michael says:

    … there no originality in the world outside of Apple?

  18. Teegan says:

    I know how DELL makes them! They buy the computers from Apple and wack ’em with the ugly stick! Wa la! Adamo a.k.a. the crapbook pro!

  19. Ziv Kitaro says:

    I just had to make this after seeing the ad:

    The site is in hebrew, but the clip is in english and it speaks for itself.

  20. I hate ports at the back. Why do they continue to do that crap?

  21. Gringer says:

    This is just insane. Even the Backlit keyboard, the font color on the keys, the black border around the screen, the glass reflection – ZOMG > BOOO!

  22. matt says:

    Apple´s in really deep shit now!!

    First they were 7 years behind, then 6 and now only 5 months. – If Dell´s copiers accelerate at tis pace, the adamo mid 2011 will be out before the competing macbook air. – oh-oh.

    on related news, the earth is indeed a disk

  23. Aman says:

    A pig wearing stolen lipstick is still a pig.

  24. Jack says:

    Oh well, this MacBook Air killer has only the price look like a killer.
    1,999 can get 2 Macbook, c’mon!

  25. alec o'grady says:

    uuuh,,,, i’ll admit this is a pretty nice laptop but its also a total copy of the macbook air. Why doesn’t dell or microsoft just leave mac alone. mac has a little more abilites than dell. but this is just shameful from dell the macbook air is so much better than this thing.

  26. mj says:


    That’s because at the end of the series, Gul Dukat would incessantly refer to Kai Wynna as “my dear Adami” or some variant thereof.

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