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I’m certainly not one of those “If you can’t speak the language, get out of the country” kind of guys, but if you are making an application specifically designed to teach young children to read

Which of “folloing” 3 farms is goat?

If you are not certain which of those farms is a goat, you might want to buy Kid Recognize, the $3.99 educational app designed to give your kids a jump start in the world of academia. And don’t worry, this app will make you feel like a genius even if you can’t tell “farm from polar bear!” Check out their rating scheme:

Super means there’s no mistake made.
A+ means 80%-99% of the answers are correct.
A means 60%-79% of the answers are correct.
A- means 40%-59% of the answers are correct.
B+ means 1%-39% of the answers are correct.
B means no answer is correct.

Man, that totally prepares kids for the real world!

12 Responses to “FAIL”
  1. iShervin says:

    No thanks for the offer…

  2. dave says:

    What? You don’t have any free licenses of this app to give away? I’m eager to get my niece to start learning using this app.

  3. @ Dave,

    I’ll look into it.
    – The Doc

  4. Rowlings says:

    What’s funny is, as wrong as that sentence is, my mind added the words “the” and “a”, to make it “Which of THE folloing 3 farms is A goat”. Too funny. Sounds like “Must capture Moose and Squirrel” talk.

  5. Michael says:

    This is very sad.

    I am interested to see what some other other game slides say?

    “Which of thees cats kids favor wiper sip?

  6. Chris says:

    Funny stuff doc

  7. Richard Neal says:

    Guess they don’t expect kids to get 100% correct either?

  8. crsrc says:

    it just went on sale of the super low price of FREE!!! I guess the developer realized it importend for all of childrens to learn good.

  9. Tice says:

    Hey, those icons are the Farm icons from Julia Nikolaeva! Hope the developer paid for that.

    Here’s her website (if you just want the icons):

    • Bram says:

      Do you know Julia, or where can I find here? I need her to make some designs for my project. I love her work!!

  10. WFT says:

    @Richard Nope there’s a “SUPER”

  11. THE.MAC.GOD says:

    Obviously, they programmed this app on the iPhone and it auto-corrected.


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