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Happy Birthday to me – now here’s your present!


Well, March is my birthday month – truly a time for the whole world to celebrate! And while this particular birthday kind of sucked for me, what with the site going down all weekend, that doesn’t mean that EVERYONE should be miserable. So in honor of the blessed event, I have decided to give you guys a present in the form of a chance to win a 16 GB iPod touch* (I would have made it a 32 GB, but you freeloaders apparently never buy stuff through our ads).

Now, this one’s not going to be quite as simple as just leaving a comment on my site… Well, I guess it kind of IS, but with a twist. This time, it’s all about how fast you can leave a comment on my site. Confused? Good! Here’s the deal:

In order to enter, I have devised a diabolical contest of self-promotion. At some point during the month of March (and I promise not to wait until the 31st) on one of these sites:


Last FM

I will somehow post a link to an old Macenstein post that I will temporarily hijack. There I will post a line saying something like “First one to leave me a comment saying “I want the touch” gets it.” I have not yet decided how I will post the link. It could be as simple as a Twitter status update with the URL, it could embedded in a jpg I will upload to MySpace or a YouTube video that shows the link. Or it could be even more clever (I am a fairly clever fellow).

Anyway, friend me up on those sites, or just check them constantly over the next month to see if I have snuck in the link to enter. Contest open to all readers worldwide. Good luck to all, and happy birthday to me.

– The Doc

* (well, it might just be the cash equivalent, as I don’t want to be involved with warranties and such… I’m not sure yet).

22 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me – now here’s your present!”
  1. Ronny says:

    is it your birthday or the macenstein persona? happy birthday either way! oh, i’d love a new ipod.

  2. Consumernine says:

    That’s not true I have AT&T and they have flashing advertisement on here, I bought the invisible shield thats flashing here too. I do hate At&t service & the invisible shield definitely sucks.

  3. Jeff says:

    Happy B-Day! My wife’s is the 8th. Woo Hoo March B-days!!

  4. Mihai Neacsu says:

    Happy birthday Doc!!!

  5. Smorgasbord says:

    I hope your birthday won’t be like one I had. I was born on Nov 11, 1945 (Armistice Day. Now known as Veteran’s Day). I told people “Everybody was so happy when I was born, they just quit fighting.” One day I found out Veteran’s Day is for World War I, not World War II. I am doing better, but I still haven’t recovered completely yet. Time is still trying to heal my wound.

  6. Kelly says:

    Curses on you Doc! What a diabolical scheme. Can anyone provide photo evidence of winning anything on this site? I know I am more clever and creative than all of the other readers and I haven’t won anything. It just doesn’t make sense. Still, a free iPod Touch. Whoa! Now that would be something. First a new U2 album, then new iMacs, The Watchmen movie comes out, now Doc is giving away a free touch. Wow. Are the planets aligning? What gives? Doc updated his site but he still has that monstrosity of an icon. Maybe he will have a contest to design a new Macenstein logo. Happy Birthday Doc.

  7. HP !!! as in: Happy Birthday 😛

    Any way … the big … small problem is: there is a bit of a time difference between US and EU (or RO) … and if U post the link at day in your time that might just be the time that I’m dreamin’ some angels that get their wings 😛

    so … how will it be?

  8. Eric Gillet says:

    I want the touch

    Am I the first winner or the first spammer ?

  9. jonathan king says:

    Happy Birthday mine is this month too. And it almost always rains where every I am celebrating it. Hope you have a great b-day, love the site

  10. Imagine Engine says:

    Happy Birthday Doc 🙂

  11. Jonro says:

    Happy Birthday Doc! Now would you explain that bit about posting that link again? But this time say it slowly.

  12. Chris says:

    Diabolical Self Promo Plan FTW! Happy B-Day!

  13. arlene says:

    great idea. Now to win the touch. 🙂

  14. Lars says:

    what if i just write i want the touch and every post of yours ever?

  15. Marlon says:

    Hey happy b-day doc!! Mine is 13th… Super cool!!

    March b-days!!! Giveaways!!!!

  16. roy says:

    there is only one add on this piticular page
    and it is out of my price range atm srry doc

  17. Brandon says:

    Happy Birthday Doc!

  18. Kurt says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for such a great site!

  19. Fyre Vortex says:

    😉 Can’t wait for the contest… To start!

  20. Quorlan says:

    Haven’t seen the mystery link yet, but I feel like it must be coming soon!

  21. Lee Sook Fong says:

    Happy Birthday to you and me!

    An ipod is a very nice present for me.

    March is really a double happiness for you and me cos my birthday falls in March also.

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