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Jimmy Fallon gets his biggest laugh of the night at Microsoft’s expense

Jimmy Fallon pulled out all the Apple fanboy stops when he made his late night television debut Monday night. Aside from the MacBook which sat unused on his desk, Fallon got his biggest laugh of the night taking a jab at Microsoft’s upcoming retail stores.

Honestly, I have had more than one Apple store employee freeze and have to go ask a manager something. I actually have a set list of questions I use on Apple store employees who are foolish enough to ask if they can help me. Usually something like “Do you know what the maximum continuous power draw on this iMac is?” or “What’s the maximum altitude this MacBook will function at?”

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Christopher for the tip!

17 Responses to “Jimmy Fallon gets his biggest laugh of the night at Microsoft’s expense”
  1. edoreld says:

    not from USA T_T

  2. Frank says:

    180W and 10,000 feet.

    I was a good employee. They don’t know crap nowadays.

  3. darrell says:

    did jimmy fallon take over conan’s time slot? is he worth watching? i think the only reason i watched anything with him is because it involved natalie portman.

    either safari 4 beta was choking the audio on that clip or it’s time to ditch the G5….

  4. Georg says:

    African or European iMac??

  5. Imagine Engine says:

    I’m in Canada and can’t view this due to Hulu international viewing restrictions. Does anyone have a YouTube link to this video clip?

  6. Flo says:

    DON’T use Hulu or any service that can only be used by a limited subset of your readers or are you truly planing on serving your pages only in your home country?

    Why are there still folks on the net, that don’t understand that this is a _global_ medium? This makes me kinda angry, I really like Macenstein, but with that attitude of the author I might rethink my RSS subscription and frequent visits…

    As it happens, such things can only be encountered on sites that originate from the US. Are the Americans really that naive and ignorant? I’d like to think that that’s only the general view about these people all over the world, but incidents like this, show me that indeed their minds can’t reach any further than their countrie’s frontiers. 🙁

  7. ookami says:

    yeah, I’m in Japan and cant view it either.

    @Slammer, thanks for the youtube link (^_^)//

  8. DJ says:

    I can understand the “global” concern, but your anger should be directed at Hulu (et al) and not Macenstein. Everything posted on a “local” web site doesn’t have to be globally available (or relevant). If I watch a newscast on a satellite channel from a city on the other side of the US (thousands of miles away), I don’t complain that they happen to report local news. I either sit thru it because I like the rest of the show, or I change the channel.

    And, really? So much venom over a Jimmy Fallon clip?

  9. imajoebob says:

    Biggest = Only?

    It didn’t suck, but it wasn’t good. He was better on Tue with Tina Fey, because he stopped playing “TV Talk Show Host” in his tree house. But once she was gone he started playing dress-up again. I’ll check back in another week or two, but I think this will be the best career move Craig Ferguson ever made.

  10. Xeno says:

    I’m always asking about the underlying BSD system and X10 and stuff like that. They always tell me ‘uh… the guy who knows the UNIX stuff isn’t here today’. Yeah? Well mr itch and mr slap are. Say hello! *whooPAH!*

  11. John says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how hard some of you guys are being on the Doc for posting a video that is restricted in your area. Ever heard the term don’t kill the messenger? By posting a link on Hulu, he’s using a legal means of showing the video-and it is likely to still be there a month from now. The problem with youtube videos for videos like this is that they tend to be gone within a day or two. I’m not saying it would be a bad idea to also put a link to the youtube version for folks outside the US, but is it really worth getting so upset over something you can google? The guy does a great job keeping us all entertained, and you are going to stop subscribing because NBC is dumb and forces youtube to take down content so he posts a Hulu version? I think you’re angry at the wrong person here.

  12. Hey guys. In the past I have recorded and uploaded NBC clips to YouTube (of Conan O’Brien, actually) , and got in trouble (well, as much trouble as YouTube can get you in). So I figured why not use their legal Hulu system which they are obviously pushing (Super Bowl ad), since they will pull my clip off YouTube anyway?

    Take it up with NBC.


  13. Mac Matt says:

    I think you are doing a great job Doc. I think that some people do not have
    an avenue to freely express there hatred about things they think are done to them.
    If you think Doc posted a hulu video just so the USA could view it and you could not, it’s time to get out of the house and get a clue.

  14. Dennis says:

    I’m from Australia and visit your site nearly every day for my Mac fix.

    I hate Hulu. Please don’t use it.


  15. Mac Soda says:

    I love hulu. Please keep using it. If people are going to keep complaining, just put a small link to a Youtube version at the bottom, and if it goes away, then it goes away.

    Like he said, take it up with NBC.

  16. alex says:

    Is there another international not-so-strict video service other than YouTube?

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