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Looks like someone over at Apple forgot to update one of their iWeb templates

Apple DOES use iWeb, right?

Check out this “Welcome to your new Shuffle” e-mail faithful Macenstein reader Harry Mylonadis received after placing his order for the new iPod Shuffle.

As if owning the new Shuffle wasn’t bad enough… to be reminded of the older, more reasonable model in your confirmation e-mail… that’s just cold. (I kid, Harry! I’m sure it’s awesome).

6 Responses to “Looks like someone over at Apple forgot to update one of their iWeb templates”
  1. Aleks says:

    Actually I don’t think that Apple uses iWeb for their website. Is there any evidence? The source code of the pages looks like they were done with a cms…

  2. Harry mylo says:

    Ok ok, you are right Doc 😀 But I bought it as a gift, really see no point in voice over.

  3. iShervin says:

    lol,,, come on,, thins happens sometimes 😛

  4. imajoebob says:

    Isn’t that still the 2GB model? Nothing wrong with that picture.

  5. Charles says:

    This is just Apple getting rid of old inventory. Happens many times.

    I am tired or people saying the new shuffle is going to fail. While we Apple geeks discuss and complain on the net, in the real world this little thing is selling like hotcakes, just go to an apple store and see for yourself guys.

    Also here is a rant, take it with humor.


    1. I have read various reviews on Amazon calling people buying this player morons because they have to use voiceover to know the name of the song.
    Voiceover add something completely new to the shuffle and it is playlists, they where not available on the previous generations. I doubt people memorize the names of all their playlists.

    2. Others complain that they wont be able to use custom headphones with this ipod. I have NEVER EVER seen anyone using a 1g or 2g shuffle with anything other than stock earphones. Lets be realistic this is a cheap player aimed at the average consumer who does not buy accessories.

    4. Tired of hearing that the controls are har to use. That’s not true.

    The previous shuffles had 5 buttons:


    This one is just as simple with 3 buttons:


    the only difference is:
    FF=double click
    RV=triple click

    5. Finally I remember hearing the same doom comments when the first shuffle came out and people laughed about an ipod without an screen saying it would not sell.

    The masses don’t care about the internet complaints, most don’t even read reviews, and they are voting with their wallets, just see how well this player is selling.


  6. Charles says:

    Last comment posted on the wrong news item. oops. It was meant to go here:


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