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ALL the cool kids will be using this

Are you tired of always missing out on the latest trends? Well, here’s your chance to be a real trend-setter, because I predict absolutely EVERYONE will have one of these badboys attached to their iPod in about a month.

Yes, the Music Balloon is truly high on fashion, and it’s 7-Watt power system is sure to not only get the party started, but keep it going all night (or up to 5 hours, whichever comes first).

Indeed, apparently both young and old alike will be bopping down the street this summer with the Music Balloon, and hopefully nothing illegal is going on the illustration above.

[Yuento via some site I can’t pronounce via TheCoolHunter]

7 Responses to “ALL the cool kids will be using this”
  1. liquitt says:

    oh no…NO…. NOOOOOO!!!!

  2. Daniel says:


  3. mangochutney says:

    At leastyou know that thse cool kids will be murdererd very soon.

    This is a big big WTFITSTB from me here.

  4. Jonro says:

    Is there a stereo version?

  5. Patrick says:

    Hey Jonro, that comment about stero Music Balloons sure took a lot of balls.

  6. At least it’s not available in brown.

  7. photogirl333 says:

    Love the “translated” version! — “What’s this? Guaranteed to attract attention! The speakers are really good small ball. MP3 SUITCHION just attach the code to the player or mobile phone. Sometimes removing the earphones, Let us release the music out. ”

    apparently, you only have to remove the earphones SOMETIMES…..

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