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I don’t believe this guy has 6 friends

I’m not saying the MacBook Air isn’t popular, but I have yet to see one in the wild, nor do I even know a guy who knows a guy who owns one. So forgive me if I don’t believe that not only does this guy know six other people with MacBook Airs, but all six of them have the exact same hinge problem.

Well, at least we know the Air has a brighter screen than the IBM (and can apparently type in a bigger font as well). Maybe he was just trying to scare his iPhone into not acting up.

42 Responses to “I don’t believe this guy has 6 friends”
  1. mangochutney says:

    It only shows that this ass has too much money and too much time on his hands.

  2. liquitt says:

    that was a waste of money…

  3. vonspace says:

    yeep….spoiled kid… and btw…he could just return his broken mba to apple and get a new one instead of murdering the glass with his silly knife…

  4. Andrew says:

    Unless I’m much mistaken the screen didn’t seriously break until the third blow, that is quite impressive really. Either that or he stabs like a girl.

  5. Matt Davis says:

    :::cough::::anger issues:::::cough:::

  6. Thunder says:

    HE Is a piece of shit !!!!

    He don’t even know to type correctly on his keyboard. We can see as well that the macbookair is quite restsiant, He wasn’t able to fold it with his girly fist. What would it have been with this fuckin’ IBM ?

  7. macplanet says:

    I even don’t believe this guy has 6 friends.

  8. goodstrong says:

    His dad is going to be mad when he sees this!
    “No more money for you son!”

  9. Jack says:

    This one looks like a psychopath.. who try to show a little bit of typing skills. What’s his point actually??

  10. Richard says:

    Its probably stolen, and hes hoping that Apple will seek him out as a poor unhappy Apple fan-atic and give him a new one.


  11. brnmbrns says:

    His typing skills were much better on the MacBook Air.

  12. Justin says:

    @Jack I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up on America’s Most wanted within the next 5 years!

  13. Mac Matt says:

    ok so the does not like the macbook air. it’s broken. the way to types i would guess he
    broke it in a fix a rage. but still the dumb ass could have gotten it fix or replaced and
    then sold it on e-bay. I have seen a mac book air in the wild. my boss has one and i am not impressed with it in person either. it reminds me more of a net book than a laptop. non the less i don’t think Mr. Jobs is losing sleep over this mac attack.

  14. Operator207 says:

    Is it just me, or is the IBM’s screen flickering something awful? I realize its probably the framerate of his camera and the screen not “meshing”, but still. The MBA was not flickering like that.

    And ya, this guy is a douche. I am so happy he has the money to do something like this, and show us a video about it. OH OH!! Look at me, I am so cool, I can piss away $3k!!!

  15. mike says:

    hahaha… You should see what he did to his puppy that got sick! 6 of his friend’s puppies got sick the same way…

  16. jim says:

    complete douche bag.

  17. terry says:

    he types like a fourth grader. he needs mavis beacon. and anger management. and to donate computers he doesn’t like, instead of destroying them.

  18. commercials says:

    So apple can bash Microsoft in commercials and it’s high art. Some guy expresses real displeasure on youtube and he’s a douche bag?

    I’m glad my religion is a tad more tolerant than the Cult of Apple.

  19. Terry says:

    The Macbook air is designed for people who want to do e-mail, web, and word processing on something better than a netbook that is very light and thin. i work for a very well know technology company and all the higher level managers and executives chose the air. I had that option but went with a MBP instead.

  20. mike says:

    it’s not that he showed displeasure… He STABBED IT with a friggin kitchen knife!! haha… I can just see the “I’m a mac” ad now… “Hello I’m a mac….. AAAHRR! STAB!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!!!!” poor john hodgeman!

  21. mike says:

    haha… I can’t get over that comment… “expresses real displeasure??” haha… that’s how you show real displeasure?!? I’m not going NEAR your house superbowl sunday.



  22. LennyBoy says:

    Is it just me or does his accent in the end sound a little Danish?

    That would be scary since a Macbook Air costs around 2316.96$ for the cheapest version (Yeah the one that goes for 1799 US$).

    Damn, I would have loved to have that Mac.. Hince failure or not.

  23. momus says:

    Do I have a faulty memory or did IBM exit the PC business in 2004? Good luck finding an IBM x300!

  24. mike says:

    I was so mad at this video I stabbed the shit out of my computer… I’m writing this from my iphone.

  25. slappy says:

    I agree, if you don’t like it, sell it and get a PC. But to destroy it is just plain stupid. You just threw away your money.

  26. Wow, he has some issues. If he didn’t want the MacBook Air, I would have taken it, broken hinge and all!

  27. guest says:

    I smell conspiracy… that dude could be paid by either IBM or Microsoft. Seriously who would stab their laptop like that??

  28. Killer's Dad says:


  29. JU says:

    does anyone know this guy?
    I would really love to ask him, if he would give me this peace of crap, that’s true
    I would even love it, altough it seems to be broken!

    thx Jonathan

  30. Charles says:

    What no one is realizing here is that :


    The PC in the video is a Lenovo, but the guy is so dumb he calls it an IBM.

    Also people are not angry with him because he dislikes the Macbook, people are angry because the dumb kid stabbed a perfectly functioning computer. He should have donated it to charity or sold it. This Kid is wasting precious money and during a recession.

  31. God says:

    Wow! Are Apple fanboys so jaded they can’t admit there may be an issue with the macbook air?

    @charles. a broken hinge does not = a perfectly functioning computer

  32. @ Charles, just to correct that IBM is still building computer, no more Pc but big servers and Mainframes (with no hinges).
    The laptop is indeed a Lenovo. Newer one do not carry IBM logo any more.
    MacBooks are better finished and include those better SW and this OS so superior and user-friendly…

  33. coolfactor says:

    Anyone talking about Apple fanboys or the Apple cult are really the ones with the biased, twisted view on things. They can only see their view, not be open-minded enough to see other views, at least that’s how it appears to me.

    The guy in the video is seriously disturbing.
    1) where are his 6 friends? Show them all with the same “displeasure”.
    2) why is he [promoting] switching to an “IBM” x300, and not a different Mac?
    3) why choose such a violent way to get a point across?

    Complete disaster and scary sight. He failed at whatever he was trying to communicate.

  34. deesee says:

    Come on folks. Wake up!

    That was obviously not his laptop. Sounds like it really belongs to someone named “Steve” who obviously wronged this guy and this is how he got his sweet revenge.

    Some of you are taking this way too seriously by the way.

  35. Chicago_SC says:

    Notice how the screen looks nice and crisp on the Mac and doesn’t on the Ibm.

    WHat a D-bag.

    Whatever this is shenanigans or not, it’s just a waste and stupid.

    Fail at stabbing
    Fail at making any point
    Fail at making anyone think the IBM is better
    Fail at having (keeping) 6 friends
    Fail at typing
    Fail at talking (sound like he’s got marbles in his mouth-Ding Fries are done Steve.)
    Fail use of !!!!!!!!

  36. Nailson says:

    what a waste of money! give it to me! i could have it fixed, or at least, use it like a small desktop!

  37. Macheadtrip says:

    I felt exactly like that dude, when I bought a glossy screen white MacBook for a girl friend and had to set it up.

    The Macbook’s reflections hurt my eyes and gives me headaches.

    Good thing I dumped the bitch and now waiting to take the white glossy MacBook to the firing range.

    Oh yea, it’s going to go on YouTube and it will be fantastic!


  38. Mattias Pfeiffer says:

    I am one of the 6 friends Jonas mentions in the video. I’ve had nothing but problems with the Air. After about 5 months use the sound went dead (the internal speakers/output disappeared from the Sound Preferences). Went to get it fixed at an Apple Store during a vacation in Miami, where they fixed it in 5 days. They also replaced the lit and hinges, as they were loose and I guess they wanted to make sure that they didn’t break. Anyway, 5 days later when I was back in Denmark the left hinge broke the exact same way that Jonas’. We do not have any official Apple Stores here in Denmark so I went to a service center instead. They kept my computer for 5 days and then called me and said that Apple would not cover the repair as they claimed it was my fault and that it would cost aprox. 950$ to fix. So much for good customer service. I spoke for hours with representatives etc who claimed that “[Apple] do not have any records of this type of malfunction with the hinges and no previous cases”. I pointed out that a lot of people have this problem (there’s a poll on Engadget stating that over 6000 people have experienced this), and after a quick [hold on] he returned with a case number which I could use to get it fixed. Long story short – I got my Air fixed under warranty, but went through a hell of a lot inconvenience. I know Jonas got the same response and he obviously wasn’t in the mood for a 4-5 hours discussion with several Apple representative all claiming that they have no knowledge of such issues, to get his computer fixed. That’s why he went to the only correct solution – stab the damn’ thing. Bravo.

    Anyway – don’t get a Macbook Air. At least not the first revision.

  39. JU says:

    @ Matthias
    If you dont like you’re Macbook air… dont destroy it like jonas, please.
    You can give it to me and I would be happy 😀
    Why dont you swap it with a normal Macbook… they have no problems like you told us!

  40. Charles says:

    # God on Thu, 30th Apr 2009 3:16 pm

    Wow! Are Apple fanboys so jaded they can’t admit there may be an issue with the macbook air?

    @charles. a broken hinge does not = a perfectly functioning computer

    God is graceful, all-powerful, omniscient, etc., you are a dumbass. don’t use his holly name in vain.

    This site is Macenstein, what you expected other than Apple Fans????

    And the computer is working perfectly, a damaged hinge is a cosmetic defect be it on a Mac or PC.

    And by the way the following applies to the hinge:

    1. It is no reason to destroy a perfectly working computer (technically it works well, hinge is more cosmetic)
    2. If he gets the computer to an Apple store they will repair it under warranty.
    3. If he donates it to a poor person they would not mind the hinge.

    Finally: If you hate Apple fans don’t visit Macenstein you dumbass!!!

  41. Anthony says:

    What a douche bag! I love how he struggles to type on the IBM (and seriously, IBM, WTF!) and the screen completely looks shit too. What’s he trying to prove, that it takes three blows to the knife before the screen breaks or that he’s careless with money. Either way he loses because a sale to Apple is still a sale.

  42. Tim says:

    He can type a lot better on the MacBook Air! lol

    and you should tell him that imaginary friends don’t count!

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