I have regained all my lost respect for Woz - Macenstein

I have regained all my lost respect for Woz

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader TheCos for the tip!

7 Responses to “I have regained all my lost respect for Woz”
  1. Anonymoose says:

    Video no longer available. 🙁

  2. Ed says:

    That lasted long.

  3. mangochutney says:

    Bacon formed those titties.

  4. SB says:

    Just click on the video, it makes you watch it on youtube. Have fun!

  5. ookami says:

    haha, that was a nice bit of self-irony there. 🙂

  6. Clony3k says:

    Ahh! just love that guy! A really funny and cuddly nerd, hehe 😉

  7. sImPOD says:

    Hey, I haven’t seen the video, it don’t works, but I saw that the shooe’s brand is “Springcourt”, coming from France! Now you understand all these grammatical mistakes I make… And sorry for the chauvinism.


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