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SSD MacBook Pro’s conquer Mt. Everest

First Ascent, a new sub brand from Eddie Bauer, is sponsoring a climb of world class mountaineers up Mt. Everest and they’re sending out daily dispatches documenting the climb. Yesterday’s dispatch was a “behind the scenes” about how the group can get internet connectivity and electricity when they are at such high elevations in the middle of nowhere. Featured are MacBook Pro’s with solid state hard drives, and the coolest foldable solar charger I have ever seen. Also shown are a couple Sony EX3 cameras, which I happen to love.

Looks like Apple’s recommended Maximum altitude rating of 15,000 feet might be put to the test if the group plans to climb all 29,029 ft.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Michael for the tip!

5 Responses to “SSD MacBook Pro’s conquer Mt. Everest”
  1. Does anyone know what the product was called that looks like a laptop shell that the team uses to get internet connectivity while on Mt. Everest? It sounded like Veegan or Weegan. Also where can the solar panel blanket be found? As for the use of SSD the drive while it is better suited for high elevations it also is unfortunately more costly as well has less read/write ability than standard hard drives found in most MacBooks. I’m wondering why the team didn’t use a cellular data card with the MacBooks? After all China Mobile placed a cellphone tower just over 21,000 feet up on the summit so they should have reception.

  2. Keith Cowing says:

    We’ll be doing the same thing at Everest. One of our team is already there. Check us out at I leave for Nepal tomorrow.

  3. Imagine Engine says:

    Thanks for the links guys 🙂 The equipment looks great offering global accessibility and durability in extreme weather as high altitude. I’m still wondering if a HSPA cellular modem card such as the Merlin X950D would work with a MacBook at that altitude or if it would just lock up in the cold weather. If such data cards would function it would lower cost expenditures when compared to the costly use of data transmission via satellite providers.

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