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This is just criminal

No, not the whole “Pretend You’re Throwing Your Roommate’s MacBook out the Window” thing. The filming job! I mean, talk about a lot of build up for nothing. I guess it kind of sounds like maybe the guy was a little upset, but c’mon. I’ve killed at least three roommates over the years for doing FAR less. Where’s the passion? The anger? The actual shot of the guy’s FACE?!!? Have none of these people watched America’s funniest home videos?

Student Angers Roommate With Hilarious Laptop Prank – Watch more Funny Videos
This prank was filmed in front of a live studio audience, and all of that audience’s friends. Could they have crammed any more people into that room?

7 Responses to “This is just criminal”
  1. Telp says:

    That laughing at the end is just…horrible…

  2. Ivan says:

    really… thats it…

    i mean if someone had just thrown my macbook out the window i would go all chuck norris on them and throw them out after it.

    there is no way in hell that i would just stand there going “are you serious”


  3. Chris Leither says:

    Seriously… I had killed him instanstly. W/o any hesitation. This is a very very dangerous ‘joke’. One laugh for being dead afterwards ?… Not the best idea…

  4. doug says:

    About a year ago, I threw my sister’s HP Pavillion out of a window (many of you may not have heard of this fine piece of silicon craftsmanship–let’s just say it’s the Oldsmobile of notebooks). Anyway, it had a newly installed copy of Vista. I believe it was the “Home Edition.”

  5. Bjarki Guðjónsson says:

    So why share it with us? Really? ‘Cause the prank uses a fake MacBook? Come. On. People.

  6. flunkycarter says:

    I doubt any of you pansies would kill anyone.

  7. Kraig McKernan says:

    pretty lame except the rise against poster in the background

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