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Fieldrunners invade Central Park!

Everyone knows one of the best parts of Jailbreaking your iPhone is that you can customize the look and feel of your iPhone, but did you know with a little digging you can also customize your apps as well? (And cheat to high heaven? Check out my cash stash).


Fieldrunners is still my all-time favorite iPhone app, however with no real updates in the past few months, I decided it was time for a facelift. I did a little poking around in the Fieldrunners app today, and decided to do a quick test. A few minutes of sloppy Photoshop work, and I have my very own Central Park NY “Grasslands” map!

Oh no! The Fieldrunners are marching on Center Drive!


The cool thing is you can pretty much make any map you’d like. Here we see the Fieldrnners attacking my desktop.


The orange robot must NOT get to my Mac Chick folder!

2 Responses to “Fieldrunners invade Central Park!”
  1. thunder says:

    nice ! But let’s talk about the “Mac chick folder”. Where’s this month’s MCotM ?? 😉

  2. But how’d you get that kind a money? Or are you just teasing us into finding it ourselves?

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