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I’ve never wanted to be farted on so badly

We have a winner!

When iFart announced a $5000 competition to create a commercial for their iFarting iPhone app, I didn’t expect much. After all, it takes about $400,000 to videotape a wedding these days, so I figured the entries would amount to little more than a vast sea of underlit, poorly mic’d, badly written entries features troll like teens putting forth minimal effort. And I was right. Yet through this horrible sea of mediocrity, a shinning, beautiful galleon in the shape of a beautiful woman’s ass has cut through the fog and emerged as a shinning example of what can be done with a low budget film if you are willing to put forth a little effort, and hire beautiful people. (And yes, there’s a little six-pack eye candy for the ladies as well. Everybody wins.) Behold “My Little Man” by filmpatentpending.

Yes, despite there being a month left in the contest, and despite our having nothing to do with iFart, the entry, and zero say in the voting, we here at Macenstein officially declare the contest to be over. This is your winner, iFart. Cut them the check. (Oh, and let us know if she’s a Mac chick). You can check out all the entries and vote here.

4 Responses to “I’ve never wanted to be farted on so badly”
  1. darrell says:

    that was fantastic.

    but the funniest part for me was the audio edit between ‘that sounded wet’ and ‘iFart. for the Apple iPhone…’

  2. Ry says:

    OH yea he speaks the truth write the check! 🙂

  3. David says:

    That’s great! Looks so professional, I wonder how much it cost to make?

    Loved it 10/10

  4. iFarthottub says:

    Well, you and your friend have really got your hopes up haha.

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