EXCLUSIVE: Leaked images show new iPhone to be available in “plaid”, “green with pink flowers” - Macenstein

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked images show new iPhone to be available in “plaid”, “green with pink flowers”

Macenstein has received the above inventory screenshot from a Hungarian T-Mobile store showing what appears to be the full line of new iPhone colors and capacities. As you can see, the 32GB model will have some exciting new options, as apparently both “plaid” and “green with pink flowers” are options. There does not appear to be any mention of the rumored 4GB “iPhone nano” in T-Mobile’s records, at least according to this shot. You may remember Apple briefly toyed with flowery patterns on the original iMac, releasing a short lived “Flower Power” model. The addition of “fluffy bunnies”, however, seems to be an entirely new direction.

13 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Leaked images show new iPhone to be available in “plaid”, “green with pink flowers””
  1. MMM says:

    I absolutely believe this to be true. because there’s no way that screen shot could be faked. And when you think how wildly successful Apple’s previous dalliance with flowers was, this was inevitable really.

  2. Fred says:

    Considering the source, this could easily be a list of “ready-to-go” cases for the new generation of phones, given they’re supposed to have a different form factor.

    You guys are reaching…

  3. Trevor Ramage says:

    I definitely agree with Fred. They seem much more like case designs instead of iPhone designs.

  4. darrell says:

    see? this is what happens when you don’t have steve jobs at the helm.

  5. Erik says:

    You guys walked right into this. Stop and use your brain for a second. Macenstein is making fun of the crappy rumors that have been coming out lately.

  6. Harsh Khetawat says:

    @Fred & Trevor : Are you guys really that dumb. No, seriously, are you like the stupidest people in the world. Anyways, don’t think both of you really understand “common people” language, so i’ll let it go!!
    @The Doc : Hey, if you know the people down at the Hungarian store could you just put in my request for 20 of the non-serialized ones. And by the way could you just check if they have those Simpsons themed iphones which have custom “D’oh” ringtones, would really like one of those!

  7. iShervin says:

    amazing screen shot work…

  8. GT says:

    Pink flowers ? Seriously ?…

  9. iSpazio says:

    hey guys, take a look here http://www.spaziocellulare.com/ispazio/en/2009/06/07/new-iphone-specs-and-prices-leaked/

    i got them from Canada. Maybe they are not fake so

  10. MaxA says:


    iSpazio has a similar picture another source .. I don’t believe these news but .. all operators seem to have similar products (at least in their inventory)..

    I’m afraid that I will buy an iPhone with some flowers and bunnies anywhere.. I feel soooooo children now..

  11. Nico says:

    Hello guys,

    I got these images from Italy:


    It’s from a page of TIM’s (italian carrier) website.


  12. OK guys, let me just state flat out that this was a joke. I was making fun of this screenshot. If the new iPhone comes out in “yellow with fluffy bunnies”, I will be as surprised as anyone. Next time I write a joke post, (aside from posting it under “humor”), I will ring a bell or something.

    – The Doc

  13. I saw the Inquisitr story on this scoop, then found a FriendFeed thread that referenced this post in the comments. So, when will Apple release a “Big Blue” iPhone?

    Oh, and Doctor, you could put “HUMOR” in flashing text at the top of one of these posts, and 10% of the people would still think it was a true story.

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