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Snow Leopard’s wallpaper looks many times faster than Leopard’s

Hey, who says Snow Leopard doesn’t offer anything cool worth upgrading for? Check out this new wallpaper!

snow leopard desktop wallpaper
Above: That’s easily $7.43 of the $29 upgrade price right there! Click to download Snow Leopard’s wallpaper.

Yes, now even if you have an “ancient” PowerPC G5 system you can at least pretend you’re cool with the Snow Leopard Desktop Wallpaper! Click here to download.

Above: Snow Leopard’s wallpaper (left) is obviously much faster than Leopard’s (right)

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader The Unix Geek for the link!

48 Responses to “Snow Leopard’s wallpaper looks many times faster than Leopard’s”
  1. Gordy Grannerham says:

    I’m using this wallpaper, and it actually sped my iMac up 241% — Well worth the effort. Thanks.

  2. Jack Wong says:

    I can tell everyone I am using Snow Leopard now~~~ Thanks~~~

  3. Dave says:

    That wallpaper made safari faster too

  4. Richard says:

    I loaded this wallpaper and just got back 6GB of hard drive space!, thanks Doc & Rofl.

  5. malcanta says:

    Thanks for the wallpaper Doc & rofl, my iPhone backs up much faster now!

  6. Donut says:

    haha! nice.

  7. ookami says:

    And, if you turn up the exposure on this wallpaper, you get zfs read/write ability in Disk Utility.

    ah! yes, just another one of those nifty new tricks, apple don’t tell you about their regarding their new upgrades.

  8. Phreakii says:

    Jesus christ!!

    I got a 52 inch monitor, paaow!

    This is some funny reading : )

  9. Andy says:

    I just loaded the wallpaper. Now I finally got the new Dock/Exposé-Feature!

  10. darrell says:

    I didn’t think it was worth my $7 so I illegally downloaded this wallaper off bittorent.

  11. Tice says:

    I can’t use it, I got a PPC. 🙁

  12. Lucion says:

    Be careful, this thing totally trashed my system. It went into the endless reboot loop after I set this as my desktop. Thank goodness for Time Machine.

    I knew I should have done the “save as” from direct link rather than opening the picture then clicking on it to save to my desktop. This is why I usually wait to apply these until the kinks are ironed out.

  13. Necu Hocu says:

    Holly F**k! This wallpaper turned my OS X into Windows. What a downgrade! And not just any Windows, but shitty Vista! I want my money back, like right now! 🙂

  14. Hooner says:

    This wallpaper not only sped up my computer, it cured by ED. It’s better than Viagra!

  15. Traci says:

    I downloaded it and lost 5 lbs!

  16. Sammy Love says:

    Sorry, not too good with the jokes but, did it really make your mac run faster? I don’t understand how.

  17. Leon says:

    I’m wondering if you can also post the Snow Leopard server wallpaper, to see if it speeds up my G4 server also….


  18. Khan says:

    This wallpaper downgraded my hdd to sata 1.5

  19. Marco says:

    I downloaded this wallpaper from my HP tower and now I can boot to OS X and Win XP!!! sweet!!!

  20. MiGS says:

    I just made this the background of my WindowsXP machine and suddenly it no longer sucks.

    (5 sec delay…)

    Oh wait. It still sucks.

  21. Agos says:

    Thanks, that fixed the faulty battery that was giving me some issues. Also, it repaired permissions for me!

  22. A says:


    When I enabled white-on-black on this wallpaper a wormhole opened!!!!

  23. Trilock says:

    uhm.. you guys are crazy the wallpaper didn’t do anything for me… except DOUBLE MY RAM!!!??? WTF awesome apple!! when i run the latest snow leopard build the ram goes away though…

  24. pjm says:

    Ah, you idiots: what do you expect when you fail to verify disk permissions before installing the new wallpaper, and then verify disk permissions again afterward?

    I do this both before and after opening anything, and I’ve *never* had my machine fail to open the file in the middle(*). Live and learn. Atom.

    Ludwig Plutonium

    (*) It does get a tiny bit annoying when you have closed one file, verified disk permissions, and then want to open another immediately. But I do it anyway. IT HAS NEVER FAILED ME!

  25. karl says:

    This background cured my aids.

    Thanks Macenstein!!!

  26. Dave Barnes says:

    This wallpaper is great.
    My iMac is faster and Megan Fox had sex with me.
    Snow Leopard [wallpaper] rules.

  27. AppleGuy ? says:

    I’ve made an video to install an skin that is based on this, my skin also has the Quicktime X icon in it:
    (by me, AppleGuy or MacfanRobin)

  28. Site7000 says:

    They really needed to do something to get rid of the “God’s fart” look of the old wallpaper.

  29. iChineseGuy says:

    After installing this wallpaper on my vista, (with all the secret instructions i got here) my PC became a Mac the next day. The best thing is, the minute i log online to the internet, the snow lopard wallpaper even got $500,000 wired into my bank account from Apple Inc.

    Thanks for the tips! This really rocks!!!

  30. Mac Hoe says:

    Funny this is.. this wall paper doesn’t do anything to my iMac..

  31. Christian Meredith says:

    I tried to change my background to this, but it appears that Snow Leopard’s default wallpaper is no match for Haruhi Suzumiya.

  32. Internet 7 says:

    Wallpapers will only speed up your computer if it came with some kind of hidden program that is supposed to do all kinds of fixes.

  33. Hedi says:

    Lots of “interesting” comments.
    Thanks to Dr. Macenstein for sharing.

  34. Greg says:

    Ha ha ha! This comment thread is awesome. Very very witty you Internet-techies out there 🙂

  35. macfoxpro says:

    My trash empties faster… I think

  36. Devon C. says:

    I upgraded to Snow Leopard wallpaper and now my basset hound can fly!

    Thank You, Apple…Thank You!

  37. Fatsquatch says:

    With this wallpaper, my World of Warcraft frame-rate increased by 35 fps!

  38. Gustonez says:

    you guys are crazy lol

  39. Chasen says:

    To all those not so tech-savvy… I legitimately feel sorry for you that you are falling for the jokes. Actually it made my day that much better knowing that a sucker is truly still born everyday…lol

    Oh and the wallpaper made unicorns fly out of my butt… yep.

  40. anonim says:

    I put the wallpaper on my windows 2000 and when I rebooted I had snow leopard!!!!!!!!

  41. Andrew says:

    My ExpressCard slot is getting…smaller…NOOOOOO! IT TURNED INTO AN SD CARD SLOT!! WHY, WALLPAPER, WHY??

  42. natgab says:

    I just put it on my aging Pismo, and boy does it fly. Is there nothing a Pismo can’t do?

    P.S. Where are the ones with the cats?

  43. Jake says:

    I just added this wallpaper to my Dell and Steve Jobs rose from the floor, threw out my Dell and placed a shiny new Mac Book Pro on my desk. Steve, you are a life saver. Thanks.

    PS. Sorry Lauren from the Windows commercial. I am cool enough to have a mac.

  44. Gorgonzola says:

    I installed this wall paper to my Windows PC and it started oscillating between leopard and snow leopard auroras. Then I blacked out. When I came to there before me was a shiny new Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard OS X!!! MAC FTW… No seriously!

  45. Gee thanks Doc, the damn wallpaper did nothing for my com.

    …and now i have to shovel away all the oversized white spotty cats which fell from the sky.

  46. Mark Cimon says:

    Wow !

    I cant believe it ! Its usable on my Powerbook 1.67 Ghz PPC !!!!
    I have Leopard, and 2 gigs of Ram , I looked…. Crap ! I now Have 6 Gigs !!
    I now Boot in 000.1 Sec !!!! Wait until my buddies hear this !!
    Oh oh….My new 250 gig Hd is starting to smoke !!! Its coming out through the
    keyboard !!! What’s happening????? Smells like windows !!! What kind of download was this ????? Holy Toledo there is a picture of Steve Ballmer on my screen !!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    Well that’s it time to put this puppy down !!!!

    Bye !!!!!

  47. I installed this and my mother in law just stopped calling and visit us.

    It´s a miracle!

  48. bogor says:

    O! I’ve installed this picture twice – but nothing happened! Than I’ve tried again – o, miracle – my eyes are wide opened! Now I finely see that you are all joking!>>

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