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Apple rips us off once again

In response to Apple’s 1 year app store celebration graphic, faithful Macenstein reader meggert writes: “didn’t you do something awhile back where you arranged a bunch of apps by color?”

Quite right, meggert. The day was July 29th, 2008, and I was so bored I arranged all my iPhone’s icons by color (see below).

Of course, I think now I pretty much have all 56,000 apps on the app store, so I could likely make an even more impressive rainbow, but I’m not into showboating.

This is not the first time Apple infringed on my amazingly original idea of icon arrangement. At WWDC this year Apple made a giant wall of icons, all sorted by color, and forgot to mention me.

2 Responses to “Apple rips us off once again”
  1. Fuzzy1 says:

    I have always had my apps arranged by color on my iPhone. It pleases me as a graphic designer and as a visually oriented person, it allows me to find what I want quickly.

    Yes, my friends roll their eyes when I show them but when I ask them what order their own apps are arranged, they have answer for me.

  2. Chris says:

    wondering what the total cost of all these apps run you…. I’m still bitchin’ about the $10 upgrade to 3.0…

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