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Stalk your family with Augmented Reality

From the parents who don’t trust their teenage daughters to the estranged, meth-addicted child looking to rob his parents when they leave for work, we all have reasons to want to stalk our family members. In fact, if you HAVEN’T wanted to stalk a family member yet, then odds are YOU are the family member the rest of your family is stalking. Well, Chris Hughes has come up with an amazing app which would make stalking family members even easier. Behold Augmented Reality for the iPhone 3Gs.

iPhone 3GS Augmented Reality from Chris Hughes on Vimeo.

Using AT&T’s FamilyMap (a $10-$15 a month service that lets you spy on supervise your kids) you can use Chris’ app to visually locate where your family members are. Unfortunately, to accomplish this Chris had to use a couple private iPhone frameworks that he knows Apple will frown upon, so he’s not even going to bother submitting it to the app store, but I’m sure AT&T will come out with their own $120 version (plus monthly subscription) eventually. Of course, the European versions will launch 4 months earlier…

3 Responses to “Stalk your family with Augmented Reality”
  1. John says:

    It needs one more feature to really be helpful to me…warn me when selected family members are approaching. Let me set the distance away when I want warnings to start and we’re all set!

  2. Alan says:

    yeah, so you know when to throw the joint/ cigarette away? 😀

  3. John says:

    Ha! No, just so I can avoid some and greet others.

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