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iPod nano for just $49 (plus your Social Security Number)

Scoring an iPod nano for $100-off might seem like one of those deals that’s too good to be true, and guess what? It is. But that doesn’t mean that a bunch of people weren’t foolish enough to be taken in by this official-looking Apple clone of a site called theonedaynanosale.com that sprung up this morning. Yes, appearing in ads on Facebook early this morning, it came and went within hours, but that was apparently enough time for Apple to have to field a number of support calls about it.

Of course, like most scams, you kind of have to wonder at the intelligence of the person who would fall for this. I mean, when was the last time you had to enter your Social Security number to buy something on-line? Especially in order to “Identify your identity”?

As we mentioned, the site came and went fairly fast (it was pulled around 3PM), leaving only this small trace on nsspy showing that theonedaynanosale.com was registered early this morning, so hopefully not too many people are sitting by their mailboxes expecting the Apple bunny to hop up with their multi-colored bundle of nano joy.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader The Podfather for the tip.

29 Responses to “iPod nano for just $49 (plus your Social Security Number)”
  1. David says:

    That sucks. I know it’s no excuse for stupidity but a lot of people are goingto have their lives messed up.

  2. Even though this guys a dick; he pulled it off pretty well. The site looks identical to apple.com.

  3. Jonro says:

    Normally I’m nonviolent. But in this case, we should find the perpetrator and beat him to death with solid hickory baseball bats. Then we should hurt him.

  4. Daniel says:

    OK, as foolish as one would have to be to fall for this I passing on your link!
    It might help others in the future with “other great deals.” 😉

  5. Business101 says:

    I’ve know people who have tried to visit yahoo.com via yah00.com. I’m not surprised people are dumb enough to do this as well.

  6. shenji says:

    unfortunately people who are not so experienced with being online tend to fall for this kind of thing quite quickly. or people who only go online for very particular things like a grandma new to social networking sites to keep in touch with the grand kids, etc. lot of people see this kind of thing and will honestly believe it to be true because whilst they have heard of phishing and other online scams, they have never had it done to them in any sort of well executed manner. think about all the people falling for the nigerian scams…

  7. Stephanie says:

    What a steal!! 🙂

  8. Gonzobot says:

    I wonder, will we ever find out how many people fell for it? What I’d like to see is this being a sting operation – teh gub’mint trying to figure out just how stupid people really are, and acting accordingly. But probably that would only happen in my private utopia…le sigh.

  9. Davidmoreen says:

    This is pretty smart on the hackers side. At the moment they have peoples credit card information, SS number, date of birth. Everything that they need to mess your life up. The person(s) that made this site should be prosecuted!

  10. Bob says:

    Everyone who fell for this should cancel their credit card. It’s an obvious credit card scam. They go for the card and then use the SSN on visa gift card sites

  11. sweetpotato says:

    omfg! i gave away my ss. im messed up! stupeed me!

  12. Aaron says:

    Wow. Who wouldn’t think that submitting your SS# online isn’t utterly ridiculous? And insane.

    I can’t stand internet fraud.

  13. Chris says:

    A one day sale that ends at lunch?

  14. Go ahead, check out the website I created. It’s a prototype/proof of concept ID theft website I put together in about 10 minutes.

    1) Google “Free Website Template”.

    2) Download one that looks nice.

    3) Search/Replace a few key words, put in a form.

    4) No database needed – I can just look at the submission logs to retrieve the results.

    Yes, it was that easy.

  15. Lewis says:

    Why is the site down? I wanted to buy one.. it’s so cheap!

  16. Social networking sites that feature ads should also actively educate their subscribers on the dangers of giving out personal and financial information to foil scams like this. A simple list of information that they should never give out is a start.

  17. Watch this be real lol..

  18. Montserrat says:

    “I mean, when was the last time you had to enter your Social Security number to buy something on-line? ” – for iPhone 3GS AT&T service, you do.

  19. indianAMERICAN says:

    hahahehehoho my friends we have dumb@$$’s amongst us

  20. sal says:

    The asking for the SS# should have been a dead giveaway

  21. andrew says:

    so im not getting my nano?

  22. jeffrey says:

    i don’t care if i have to give my SS#, you people are all up in arms over nothing. this was a great deal and i bought five.

  23. Mistress9 says:

    This site is stupid..

  24. YourDumb says:

    Jeffrey((((-you have got to be the dumbest person on this thread. It’s a scam. Retard, check your CC balance. Bets it low. Check your credit, bet it sucks. Check your mail, hmm, NOTHING!! Too funny.

  25. owlpath says:

    “I mean, when was the last time you had to enter your Social Security number to buy something on-line?”

    I ordered a DVD drive from Tigerdirect.com recently and they asked for my SS# to help “speed up verification”. I had never ran into that before and just ignored it. I got my drive in a week anyway.

    I wonder now if that was some kind of hack into their system? I was on a linux box, use firefox and try to keep up with all security methods.

  26. Pahahah says:

    Thats what the real price of these POS should be. Considering how long they last.

  27. Dallas says:

    Very nice job on covering the story.
    Here is the WHOIS name lookup: http://www.whois.net/whois/theonedaynanosale.com

    The guy obviously isn’t too smart because it even has his address on there. Must have been to poor to buy the extra domain registrar info blocking. Dumba**

    -The Web Guy

  28. I hate to say it, but at first glance I could have sworn that was an actual Apple site. Yeah, ya know, buyer beware but still, who wouldn’t have the common sense to realize “wait, identify my identity? By my what!?”. I wonder if any iPods got shipped, I mean hell… If i’m going to get my ID stolen, might as well listen to some beats while I’m on hold with the banks and credit card companies.

  29. Ruby says:

    Stupid people….

    But with Dallas’s info, it may have actually been real.

    If the info is real, the guy lived in China/Asia. You know, the place where basically everything is made?? Wholesale people sell iPod’s for $50 everyday, countless of times. Looks and feels like an iPod…. I think. Never got one though- no money. My Green 16GB Nano from local apple store is love.

    SS# thing is bogus, but it’s life. It’s someone trying to live happily, by using unconditional methods.

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