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Make your MacBook as cool as Obama’s with “Obama Pacman”

Odds are you’ve tried pointing at people from behind your MacBook, but you just can’t seem to look as smooth as Obama looked when HE did it. Well, cheer up! The only difference between you and Obama is that your MacBook doesn’t have a weird Pac-Man-looking sticker on it – and now you can buy one!

Obama Pacman is now selling the key to coolness in $3, reposition-able, no-residue, chunks. I recommend you get yours now before Obama ends up being photographed with something less cool, like a Dell with a Frogger sticker on it or something.

12 Responses to “Make your MacBook as cool as Obama’s with “Obama Pacman””
  1. darrell says:

    neat – but you could technically do it yourself with some black shelf liner…

  2. Obama Pacman says:

    Thanks for the post Macenstein Doc!

    @ darrell, The stickers have a special adhesive that allows reposition and removal without residue, laser cut to precise measurements. You could technically build your own computer that would look like a Mac too. =p


  3. Gringer says:

    Looks pretty cool, but I guess it’s cheaper to buy the sticker the same way Obama did. They’ve been for sale for about 7 months, if not longer.

    $3 ?…… idiots…/

  4. anon says:

    was’t this photo of obama was a fake? his head is shooped?

  5. alex says:

    Aside from owning a Mac, our great leader also uses external hard drive enclosures from OWC, and a Speck case to protect his Book. I knew there was a reason I voted for him.

  6. Kenseidave says:

    I vote the pretty blonde President.

    Wow. Maybe the pacman has special powers like the Three wolf moon shirt ;p

  7. Bjarki says:

    It doesn’t seem to have the same proportions as Obama’s. I remember that picture an looking at the Pacman it seems that the “lower jaw” is shorter. The one that Obama Pacman is selling has a straight 45° angle.

    Also, Obama’s MacBook is shiny. Isn’t it all just a skin?


  8. KenseiDave says:

    It’s shiny because he has a clear crystal Speck hard case on it.

    I have a red one ;p

  9. edaddy says:

    @ Alex:
    im sure Obama wanted to impress the younger crowed and his PR told him to buy a mac.

    if you voted for Obama you really shouldn’t have been so open about it, let alone proud.

    talk about an idiot….

  10. Dave-O says:

    I don’t care what sticker you put on your computer, if you point the way that blonde does, you’re not going to look cool.

  11. Larry says:

    Obama “PAC” man eating thru all your rights and savings!

  12. Bob T says:

    She’s not going to look near as cool when that MacBook falls off the table!

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