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How does Apple feel about its products?

This video is a little bit unfair in that if Apple unveiled the new iPod nano and said:

“It’s OK… maybe not a must-have upgrade, but if your old one breaks it beats getting a Samsung YP-P2 or something…”

it might make for a somewhat uninspiring keynote. However, only the most devout Apple fanboy can deny that Apple tends to be a bit generous with the self-congratulatory adjectives. If you are not laughing by the time Phil Schiller sends it back to Steve, then you have no soul.


Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jimmy Schapira for the link!
[via College Humor]

7 Responses to “How does Apple feel about its products?”
  1. Sam says:

    Great post! Amazingly incredible!

  2. Richard says:

    whos going to make a ‘developers’ mashup, im sure one of the keynotes they used the word 🙂

  3. gaietano says:

    Wow!!! Awsome!! :-))))

  4. Wade says:

    They do need to spend some time with a thesaurus.

  5. Matt Davis says:

    Incredible! lol now every time i watch a keynote i’m gonna catch every positive adjective they use hahaha

  6. Sam says:

    @Wade, they could use the thesaurus built into OS X. After all, it is the most incredible thesaurus ever!

  7. Martin says:

    Amazing! Would be interesting how this would look with a Steve Ballmer speach..

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