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Is iTunes 9 sporting “Marble”?

Looks like Apple’s rumored “unified interface”, code-named “Marble” might be a comin’ after all… starting with the somewhat UN-unifying iTunes 9 interface.

Faithful Macenstein reader Patrick writes:

“Hey, if you notice the new look on itunes 9 it is very different than snow leopard etc etc. But is this the marble theme apple said would be included into snow leopard but never turned up. Remember in the past itunes received the new “leopard” look before leopard came out. HMMMM whatd’ya think?”

I think you’re onto something. It certainly looks quite different than iPhoto and iTunes 8 and even Snow Leopard’s Safari…

11 Responses to “Is iTunes 9 sporting “Marble”?”
  1. Artur says:

    Is it possible that Apple changes the User Interface of Snow Leopard with an update half way down the road? Isn’t a new UI always connected to a new OS?

  2. Lucky says:

    As always, iTunes is a hint on how the next generation Mac OS will look. That’s how 10.7 will probably look like.

    As for what Patrick said, Apple never said anything about marble, EVER. They never said anything about a new interface for snow leopard. Only rumors by fanboys. Get your facts straight.

    If anyone else noticed, Safari 4 also had a different look than what we were used to. We can all expect a much improved interface in Mac OS X 10.7.

    @Artur: no and yes.

  3. ncus says:

    iTunes 9 has horrible typography ever! Especially the App screen, the top bar line height is need more space.

    The playback buttons and the progress screen on the center looks quite slick tho.

  4. Grant Wall says:

    I had tweeted about this earlier on in the day as well. Definitely looks like a Marble theme going on, especially with the volume slider and loading progress bars. Not to mention the iTunes Store Navbar.

  5. Matty says:

    I just love how different it looks. It’s just so refreshing. The option for the purple and green hue really seals the deal for me.

  6. Lo_PhatZ says:

    Im sitting here looking at iTunes 8 & I cant for the life of me see any difference to the screen shots you have here of iTunes 9…

    I’ll go install 9 now like a good little lemming & see if there is really any difference..

  7. Lo_PhatZ says:

    ..ok Im back after installing 9.
    It looks much the same.
    Slight visual changes here & there.. the icons on the left ‘pop’ out more (more vivd colours?)

    Whats all this babble about marble theme?

  8. Lo_PhatZ says:

    Dear god! Talk about bloat…
    iTunes 9 app size 151Mb!
    After ‘slimming’ with Xslimmer its down to 32.8Mb
    Thats 118Mb of garbage no longer filling up my HDD space from ONE app!

  9. Preston says:

    How does this look anything like marble? Marble looks like this:

    All they did was add a more prominent gradient in the window.

  10. Grant Wall says:

    This is all referring to the rumored OS X Theme called Marble.

    Both the black navigation system at the top for the iTunes store, and the volume/status sliders somewhat resemble this. Small little glimpses of it at most.

  11. Kip Marlowe says:

    Doesn’t anyone think iTunes 9 looks less attractive than ever before? Since Leopard, Apple made theming all but impossible, so they should at least change the look more often.

    Better still, they should finally allow for multiple colors like Windows 95 did from its inception (OS was ugly but at least one could escape the predominance of gray), and multiple themes like Windows 7 does now. Maybe OS X can remain metal, but with metallic colors (to go along with metallic MacBooks).

    Please, at least one theme that isn’t gray.

    In the meantime for iTunes 9, they did things like put white slivers under the Play, Forward, and Back buttons, and made the gradient more dramatic — but it just looks sloppy and unrefined rather than exciting and fresh.

    We’re talking going on a decade of GRAY. It may look like metal, but at the end of the day gray is gray.

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