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People who live in glass houses shouldn’t sell MacBooks

Here’s something you’ll never see at a Microsoft retail store – a well-orchestrated “smash and grab” of desirable merchandise.

I was going to try to make some lame joke about about “Windows Crashes even at the Apple Store”, but I guess since it is technically a door, I can’t. I think the open-air mall locations just aren’t working for Apple. This is about the 5th or so break-in I’ve heard about recently.

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20 Responses to “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t sell MacBooks”
  1. ssj2_goha says:

    ……. they cased that store for a looooong time to be able to do that in under a min…..

  2. The Lab says:

    That’s a lot of merchandise that needs accessories. I don’t think they were able to pull a lot of chargers, earbuds, and connectors for all that stuff they grab.

  3. Operator207 says:

    How much is a charger? $100? $3k for the laptop – $100 = $2900 profit. Ya, they are gonna hurt real bad when they go to sell these. Hurt all the way to the bank. Which they will probably also rob.

    Seriously though I agree with ssj2_goha, they cased the store, and had a game plan when they robbed it. There was not any “random running around” on the footage, I would imagine they could go over the security footage of previous days and find these guys in them. Wheres the facial recognition through mask app when you need it.

  4. m4tt says:

    are you really telling me they did not have one lock on these laptops?
    they pulled them off the shelf very easy.
    Glass store fronts are great but a metal security gate in front of it is even better.
    I think the guard was out to ilunch.

  5. [....] says:

    Guess who just lost their job…………….

  6. alex says:

    Now all Apple can do is wait for an online order of 23 MagSafes…

  7. Jack Aubrey says:

    I bet they aren’t smart enough to disable the gps feature on those iphones.

  8. slappy says:

    At the Microcrap store, it will be reverse. Once the thieves steal the stuff, a few days later they’ll come back. Smash in the place and dump the Microcrap stuff like Zunes back on the floor. Simply because no one on the streets would want to buy their POS stuff anyway. LOL

  9. Jabberwocky says:

    Can’t apple just use remote connect to the computers when they are turned on and locate them that way?

  10. thisisjohnny says:

    my sister bought her macbook from that very store!!

  11. Scott says:

    This is actually my local Apple Store and I walked out of the store a minute before they started filming I walked past the ABC news truck on the way to my car as they started filming. My wife works a few stores down, it’s kinda scary that these hooligans could be around when she’s walking to her car.

  12. Mark Kerrigan says:

    While it’s still a crime, the thieves sure had their shit together and it’s almost like they choreographed it. I think Apple should now invest in Kensington locks for all of these “open air” apple stores

  13. Justin says:

    m4tt, you’d be surprised how easy the MacBooks come up off the table. I was in the Apple store 5 mins from my house when these two kids, maybe 18 at most, grabbed a MacBook each and went running out the door. This was around 8PM with the store filled with people. The little wire alarms went off, but the 2 kids were long gone.

  14. Justin says:

    Oh, forgot to mention the kids did this the last night the old MacBooks were on the shelf back in October of last year. After the store closed that night they were putting out the new unibody MacBooks. Guess they should have done their research before robbing the place.

  15. Willson says:

    It’s not like Apple can’t afford bulletproof glass, which doesn’t break by blunt objects either, and it would turn off intruders easily.

  16. Wonders if Apple should consider a Smart Water spray system at the front of the stores?

  17. cheapo says:

    Idk if you’ve noticed but in Snow Leopard, Apple changed the iDisk icon to a more “male-friendly” color from pink. Just thought you should know since you ran a piece on it some time ago… (I realize this isn’t the best place to let you know about this but w.e) haha

  18. Xero says:

    the accessories can be bought easy enough there are several mac stores in various malls in the area (bought the Mac I’m using from one and my iPod from another) matter of fact the 2 i speak of are can be accessed via the local buses i lived near one and would often take a bus to the mall where the other was

    if they are smart they may have already bought them acctually

    the real question is how they are going to nload em the local pawn shops ae out as are craigslist and Ebay

  19. dasein says:

    How are they going to fence these things? Don’t they each have an UDID that as soon as someone who bought it and tried going online would be found out? Tracing their purchase back with descriptions for that many individual purchases would eventually lead to the thieves.

  20. Kelly says:

    Doc, That is your best headline yet! Funny, funny, funny! Good work.

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