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You just KNOW Ballmer still owns that jacket

I saw this post in the MacRumors forum by zamolx3, and not only did I think that it was brilliant, I also thought I had nothing better to write about.

Why Microsoft is not Apple 🙂
1986, Steve Ballmer trying to sell Windows 1.0

1984, Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh

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15 Responses to “You just KNOW Ballmer still owns that jacket”
  1. Brian J. Nielsen says:

    Well.. Apple always had more taste and style. I like that a lot!

  2. d00ber says:

    That WP Great Box is annoying hunk of shit!

    “Hello Googler…” Close the box “Hello RSS user…” Effen lame, expect more from the great Doc!

  3. Carlitos says:

    Every time I see that Ballmer ad I just can’t *believe* it’s real. It can’t be! It’s just too bad (or good, it’s up to you) to be true. Is like the Star Wars Christmas Special of Microsoft advertisement!

    Dear Americans, do you *really* have ads like that on TV? (shakes head in disbelief).

  4. Panolo says:

    It’s a shame to realize that this same bald snake oil salesman is out there taking the creations of others and selling poor imitations to the public. There oughta be a law!

  5. Istivi Jobis says:

    no coms.

  6. darrell says:


  7. Harvey says:

    Good comparison. Ballmer screams at you to buy his product. While Steve Jobs has a classy presentation, and actually lets the product demo show what’s great about the product. The other thing is that the Mac in 1984 was light years ahead of Windows 1.0 that came out two years later! In fact the first useable version of Windows was 3.1 and it came out in 1992 (eight years after the Mac).

  8. nurit says:

    I did use that first Mac. as a graphic designer. It was like a miracle to me. I did work with passion realizing the great change & advantages. The Mac was pretty expensive than and the Lazer printer, but in no time I did so much work and payed it all. I am a Mac fan all this years.

  9. Dave-O says:

    Steve has always had it. Too bad the video is unwatchable unless you mute it.

  10. Daniel says:

    Now that’s showmanship! BRAVO Steve!
    Thanks Doc, never seen that clip but saved now and what a laugh. 😀

  11. slappy says:

    Makes you wonder how they got away with owning 90% of the planet with their OS.

  12. Min says:

    Ah~~~ The good old days. I wish the keynote today could be like that in 1984. Oh well~~~
    Oh, I have that bag too!!!! It fits my G4 Cube nicely.

  13. Dem says:

    It’s cool to see these vids. i’ve been using computers for 21 years now. I have to say i am a fan of Windows. No matter what you say about Steve Job’s ‘class’ and Ballmer’s yelling, the only thing that matters is who is on top now.
    Clearly Windows is no.1. The faults with Windows are always greatly exagerrated. Since XP i think they’ve got it right. I use windows 64 vista right now. No problems with it at all. Some people rave about video editing, photo editing, and music creation being better on mac… can somebody please tell me why? adobe cs4 is identical on both formats. so i can personally rule out photo editing since i use this a lot.
    Not only this, but Mac rips people off. Their products are way more expensive compared to their similar competitors products. Take their dekstops, music players… and i-phone! They are being very smart in that they are winning the ‘style’ war and there are shallow enough people out their that will spend money for things that look good when they could have got better specs for a cheaper price.

  14. photogirl333 says:

    WOW. what a difference.

    BAD used car salesman VS. Real Class.

    @Dem – I use a PC at work (not for much longer, we are awaiting our Macs) – and 2 Macs at home. I’ve used both over the years at various jobs and at home. From personal experience, PCs are slower, and the longer you own them, the more and more they get bogged down from “background items” (isn’t that the description of a VIRUS?). The Mac OS is smoother and more streamlined. And no, Macs don’t rip you off. You can keep a Mac WAY longer than 2-4 years – and it will STILL run smooth. PCs on the other hand, are toast by then. (I’ve replaced my fair share of PCs too – so I’m speaking from experience)

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