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Fake excitement reaches new levels as Microsoft Store opens

Faithful Macenstein reader Justin sent us this link of a video from the grand opening of the new Microsoft retail store in Scottsdale, AZ.

I won’t go into the whole “completely copying the look of the Apple Stores”, the color coded shirts of employees, and the “high fives” of the first customers that we’ve seen in hundreds of Apple Store openings over the years. But what I would like to draw your attention to is just how sad and confused the people seem to be once they actually get into the store. All the fake excitement and cheers from the employees gets them all worked up as they travel through a corridor of Star Trek extras until they are greeted by…. Three very elderly, unhip, suit wearing Microsoft corporate types. They then look around with vaguely puzzled “so… now what?” expressions as they realize there isn’t all that much to see or do in a store that basically sells corporate software. Although I guesss you could peruse the healthy selection of Zune cases…

[via When Will Apple?]

16 Responses to “Fake excitement reaches new levels as Microsoft Store opens”
  1. Jonro says:

    I hope the red shirts realize they’re going to be killed by a rock monster on Zeti Alpha 4. Seriously, this looked about as contrived as a Windows 7 launch party.

  2. Clony3k says:

    Ohh, this is so sad….

  3. Killer's Dad says:

    Interesting, it’s like MicroSoft said, “Let’s rip off an Apple Store.”

    Then MS installed a mis-matched display of computers and components while believing we can’t, at least on a subliminal basis, recognize the design asthetics between the Apple Store’s furnishings and the Apple Hardware on display.

    So now, like gas stations and fast-food joints, we’re going to see design-challenged Microsoft building stores polluting the landscape (mallscape) near Apple Stores with their minimalist design aesthetics

  4. Digital Mercenary says:

    The three guys in dark suits are commercial real estate agents looking to see if the space will be big enough for their client to occupy in a couple of months.

  5. pb&j says:

    Is it me… or are the customers outnumbered by the shop staff!

  6. Richard says:

    ohhh, laptops.. and a wall full of LCD screens to confuse people while looking at laptops… and zunes..
    i have been a bigger range at Officeworks.

  7. mario says:

    Awesome!!! Is just like going to BestBuy but with more colors!!!
    I remember a comment made by Ballmer some time ago about how lame was the idea of having a MS store and how pathetic Apple was for needing its stores, i wish i could find that interview again…
    Now if you excuse me i have to go the Apple Store to enjoy in amazement the awesomeness of the new 27 iMac…

  8. BMOC says:

    so its just a computer store right?

  9. Impaler says:

    The blatant rip off is pathetic. See if, in a week, the store is as crowded than any Apple Store.

  10. Listening says:

    I’ve been a Microsoft engineer for 13 years, and Microsoft is declining faster than today’s job market. They will do whatever it takes to keep their market share, and it makes me happy every day to see Apple walking up the ladder. I’m a HUGE Apple fan, and I no longer have any windows machines in my house. This store of Microsoft’s is a joke, and it will fail just like Vista did. Let’s all just sit back and wait and watch them look stupid.. Once Microsoft starts listening to their customers, and stops having engineers designing their software, they might be able to get back in the game. But for someone who supports their products, each day I recommend less and less of their products. Let’s start with Exchange 2007. Us admins now have to learn Powershell, on top of all crap we support. Try installing an SSL certificate. It’s impossible. You need to scour Google for an hour to get the correct parameters and then half the time it doesn’t work. They take away the GUI, and try to make it more powerful, which it is, but at the same time, if i wanted to learn the command shell, I’d use Linux. It will run for years without requiring a reboot. So Microsoft, if you have a chance to read this, learn from your mistakes, and listen to the people who are out there supporting your products. Learn from Apple and be innovative, and don’t simply copy Apple by opening a store.

  11. tbob says:

    I think everything that needs to be said is said by the guy on the right in the red shirt holding his nose. The whole thing just stinks.

  12. Smorgasbord says:

    I can understand their excitement. Microsoft has convinced them Windows FINALLY created an operating system that works. Wait a week and see if the excitement is still there.

  13. kuzya says:

    just sad.

  14. Teegan says:

    Wish I was there just so I could walk into the store thumbing through apps on my iPod Touch. I bet they don’t have free wireless there.

  15. Obama Pacman says:

    In case you don’t know how much of a rip off this is, see page 5 for an apple store opening video.


    Microsoft New Store, Unique or Apple Store Copy?

  16. Loweded Wookie says:

    What’s funny is that as the guy moves down the isle of freaks he turns left and then starts heading towards the door realising his mistake of there only being one door and that fat chick is blocking the exit.

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