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iPhone Engrish of the day: TimerMusicStop

Faithful Macenstein reader James writes:

“Hey Doc, I remember that you had a couple articles awhile back that highlighted some bad App Store Engrish. Thought this may qualify…my brother and I still have no idea what it does. Something with time? :)”

TimerMusicStop‘s description:

iPod you want to stop in time but want to listen to music for?
Interest in a case like! !
Usage is simple. Time to stop the roll set time, please switch to ON.
Then the music stops They added time.

You’re on the right track James. At first I thought it was simply a “put the iPod’s music to sleep” timer app, but after re-reading the description two dozen times, it is clear that TimerMusicStop apparently can stop time itself by “adding time”. Otherwise Apple would not have approved the app, as the iPhone already has a built-in timer feature which can turn off the iPod’s music, and we all know Apple will not approve an app (Google Voice) that duplicates existing functionality.

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