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My GOD those are huge coffee mugs!

Here we have a clip of CNN’s Kiran Chetry being given the old “what for” by The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart. Stewart points out the hypocrisy of Chetry doing a report on the dangers of texting while driving, when just the day before she touted all the real-time traffic features of CNN’s new mobile iPhone app, saying it was great to have that available in the car, where you need it. While this video is enjoyable to watch for Chetry’s valiant attempts at back peddling, I found myself fascinated by the two giant coffee mugs on the anchor desk.

You know, if either of those women actually tried to drink a full cup of coffee from those billboard-sized mugs, they’d pretty much have to be catheterized in order to be able to sit through their morning show. (Incidentally, I would have to be sedated to sit through it…)

6 Responses to “My GOD those are huge coffee mugs!”
  1. Gary says:

    they must have really tiny coffee mugs where you come from, those are very normal and not even very large coffee mugs

  2. dC says:

    It’s clearly just a way to get more “CNN” logos on to the screen

  3. slappy says:

    I saw it and she called it a BlackBerry. Just made it even worse for herself for not even knowing the difference between the two.

  4. kuzya says:

    at least one of them are pretty nice chick .. why are you looking on the coffe mugs?:)))

  5. Jonro says:

    In case they have an indicia failure, they can quickly move the coffee mugs down to the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, people might forget and think they were watching a real news channel.

  6. Ron Skulas says:

    Kiran is worthy of a being the Mac Chick of the Month.

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