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The iPhone can handle its liquor

We’ve all been there… you’re at an Oktoberfest party, taped to a wall with three of your friends while a hot chick throws beer at you. It’s more or less a tradition come October. Well, German TV personality Harald Schmidt (think if Conan O’Brien looked like Wolf Blitzer) decided to take that age-old drinking game and apply it to Smartphones. In honor of Oktoberfest, the iPhone went up against a Blackberry 8310, a Nokia E90, and a Samsung Galaxy in a test to see which phone could handle the most beer and keep ticking, and I think the iPhone might need to admit it has a drinking problem. Take a look.

Why is every other country’s television better than ours?

I’m not sure this contest settled anything, as it appears to have been a 4-way tie with apparently all the phones continuing to function after their dousing. However, it IS nice to know the next time a woman throws a drink in my face, I can use my iPhone as a shield. Thanks to faithful German Macenstein reader Tim for the tip (sent from the autobahn at 250 km/h.) In case you are curious, below is a rough translation of what’s going on, supplied by Tim:

FYI: There are 33.814 US fluid ounces in 1 liter = 1 “Maß”

The girl is Katrin Bauerfeind, born July 21st 1982 in Germany and on of the members of the new team with Harald Schmidt. You might recognize her from „100 Sexiest Women in the World 2009“ by FHM (most popular European “men magazine”) – she was on place 30.

Content: 00:00:00
How much beer does an iPhone tolerate? A smartphone – we have here four to choose from so the people at home can look if they have one of ’em.

The first one is an iPhone from Apple – for 949 Euro. We actually bought it. We are not at a private channel where the people get them for free so they can show it to the camera. We paid for it!
Thats a Blackberry 8310 for 299 .. a phone really everybody can afford. A Nokia smartphone for about 559. And a Samsung for 449 Euro.

This is a Maß”a little underfilled – not as in our tents (referring to the tents at Oktoberfest) because there everything is alright (filled to the top).
And we’ll test now how it will impact …
We are curious scientists! How will it impact if the iPhone gets a Maß?
*spills Maß on iPhone*
Is it still functioning? We can now dial its number.

Oh well we might as well continue with the second one. This would be the Blackberry – Katrin would you ..?
Harald Schmidt (HS): Oh – its ringing!
Katrin Bauerfeind (KB): But can you hear something as well? Thats the question!
HS: We gotta find out later.
KB: Just answer it real quick and then I could .. *pretends to spill beer*
KB: No for gods sake .. *tries to hit Harald*
*Harald dodges*
KB: I have some more!
HS: I knew it!
KB: And whats with mine? Broken?

HS: Flashes green again?
KB: No!
HS: Nothing happens anymore. iPhone won so far ..
KB: You see – I can do it better …
HS: Okay – the Nokia … connecting drinkers!
*guy with glasses spills beer on Nokia device*
HS: You didn’t even reach it? Take another one and step closer ..
*guy spills another one*
HS: But it functions! Is it a sensation or what?
*Nokia ringing*
HS: Those thinks are unbreakable.

HS: Soo now ..
Guy: May pour it directly atop?
HS: Yes – that would be most realistic!
*guy pours beer*
Guy: And?
*Samsung ringing*
HS: Is it possible? Those things are really amazing!
Guy: Yeah – I used to have a trick for these problems ..
*takes out hair dryer*
HS: Wow – thats a good excuse! “May I call you back? I am currently hair drying my iPhone!”


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