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Wanna sell Zunes? It’s easy! Just pretend Apple makes ’em!

Wal-Mart has come up with an interesting idea to help move Microsoft’s “Oh, they still make that?” Zune – They have begun putting it in the Apple display cases where people might actually look! Faithful Macenstein reader Dustin writes:

And this is why Apple should not see products in Walmart! I live in a small town here in Central Texas and about the only choices we have for necessity shopping is the local H.E.B. Grocery store and a puny little Walmart. I have been an Apple Fanboy for nearly 20 years now and even though I think it’s blasphemy to have iPods in Walmart, I get the reasoning so I always stroll down the Apple isle to see what they have. Today I was ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED at the site of an Apple case that had no Apples. It was full of the competition though. Take a look. They even have a Zune HD in there but there were no iPods for sale anywhere in the store.

And yes, I did take these with my Original iPhone.

Well, in Wal-Mart’s defense, the Zune and the iPod ARE basically the same thing (aside from the features, styling, and mindshare/desirability). When it comes to moving product, anyone familiar with retail will tell you it’s all about location. Things on high shelves sell better than things on low shelves. I’m sure the reason the iPods sold so well in that display case is it must have been placed right between the pork rinds and snow tires, and the trampolines and rifles. Now that the Zunes have that sweet location, I’m sure they’ll sell out in no time.

9 Responses to “Wanna sell Zunes? It’s easy! Just pretend Apple makes ’em!”
  1. mcg says:

    You guys are so lucky in the US – it seems can buy almost anything in your grocery stores – even riffles!
    I guess they store them next to the paddling pools and fish 😉

  2. Smith says:

    This irks me …..

  3. BMOC says:

    theres gotta be some way we can sue them!

  4. Killer's Dad says:

    Apple’s got a hella reason to kick Wally-Mart in the genitalia for violation of the licensing agreement.

    It’s gonna happen and some poor slob Wally-Mart Electronics manager is gonna learn a new definition of LEGAL TERMS and LEGAL AGREEMENT.

  5. kuzya says:

    Guys before you r’ crying for that – take a look here :
    it is already spreading and may be it will help.

  6. Obama Pacman says:

    OMGWTFBBQ? Looks like someone messed up, big time. Hope they fire the person when they find out the zunes aren’t selling.

    Why Zunes won’t sell. iPod touch vs Zune HD feature comparison:

  7. ron says:

    What’s a “riffle?”

  8. Idiots says:

    You fanboys are morons. There are more then Zunes in that display case. So what if there is a Apple logo in the backdrop. People will likely look down at the price and actually read that it says Sony or whatever. geez

  9. Anonymous says:

    R U jealous or what? Zunes are like way better than those cheapy ipods or itouchs. UR just jealous Zune is having the limelight.

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