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This is exactly why I won’t eat at Johnny Rockets

Man, I was JUST about to break down and go to the Microsoft store when luckily faithful Macenstein reader Chuck sent us this video of a COMPLETELY SPONTANEOUS AND UNSTAGED employee dance session. As with all Microsoft Store videos, the best part is watching the reactions (or complete lack thereof) of the hapless customers, who I assume were just there to get out of the rain or something.

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  1. Matthew says:

    There’s nothing spontaneous about that – The whole thing is phoney and staged. Even the customers who apparently “join in” miraculously appear to have picked up the moves. It’s so pathetic I can’t bear to watch. Fat geezer with his shirt too small, straining on his gut, bloke in the yellow shirt looking like he wants to just get swallowed up by a hole and be anywhere other than there, 2 girls sitting at the laptop just ignoring these vacuous losers completely. It’s really the equivalent of your embarrassing uncle having a dance at a wedding. Desperately trying, aching, to be cool but failing so grimly in the process. Yes, THIS is Micro$haft’s idea of cool, people. The bird in the green has got a wicked pair of jugs though.

  2. Killer's Dad says:

    Are you sure that’s not Mandatory Exercise under the new Health Plan?

  3. Xeno says:

    It’s a planned ‘viral markting’ stunt meant for people like you to spread this video all over th internet… please inform of the marketing stunt in order to diffuse this stupidity

  4. BMOC says:

    why are MS users fat?

  5. Fester Gundershucks says:

    Gay! Its amazing that Microsoft has done nothing original. Now its copying Johnny Rockets in addition to having already copied the Apple store, wordperfect, lotus, mac OS and OSX, Ipod…….

  6. I thought it was obvious I was joking when I said “COMPLETELY SPONTANEOUS AND UNSTAGED” but I guess not.

    – The Doc

  7. Xeno says:

    People are stupid. You would not BELIEVE how many people actually fall for this and believe this is spontaneous. You should read through the comments on TechFlash (Seattle’s Redmond Feeding Trough) about this exact same thing.

  8. DJ says:

    These kinds of things LOOK spontaneous when they’re done by people who appear to be random members of the crowd before it starts. Not so much when they’re done by the “shirts” who work there.

    As for the dance, though, it’s not surprising that people could possibly join in and happen to know the moves — I think it’s the ‘electric slide’, a common group dance at weddings.

    Two things struck me: There are more employees than customers, and the customers all look embarrassed/annoyed that this is happening around them.

  9. Raymond E. says:

    i thought it was funny like watching trained dogs at a circus, then i realized it lasted over 4 minutes. i skipped through hoping the dance changed. it didn’t. at least the apple employees would break it down, and do individual dances. i picture clearing off a space, throwing some cardboard down and laying down a few head spins and other fancy break dance moves at the apple stores. unplanned, of course.

  10. Xeno says:

    That and they all ‘dance’ like drunk rednecks in some sort of barnyard mating ritual.

  11. Check out the chick in white from 2:10 she steals something and puts it in her bag.

  12. Alex D says:

    Hahahaha, this is EPIC FAIL for Microsoft, lol.

  13. Joe says:

    Like Xeno said, “viral” marketing. MS trying to be the anti-cool (think about the recent remarks by MS execs on Apple’s cool-ness) and still won’t capture mindshare in a positive way. Sorry MS, to this generation, you guys are their father’s technology. They are less willing to put up with clunky, unfriendly user interfaces and mediocre design…. And this dance exercise is an example of MS becoming more clunky, clumsy, and irrelevant.

  14. edaddy813 says:

    the chick in the green shirt has HUGE CANS!

  15. SirFoxey says:

    I just love the chick shoplifting in the marketing campaign just proof of the idiots Microshaft are

  16. If i didn’t already hate MS I would after seeing this

  17. Church says:

    Wow, it’s like Improv Everywhere. Only without the clever.

  18. Willson Smith says:

    2:10 Watch the girl in white!

    Did she just fucking steal something?!

  19. Michael says:

    Xeno gets it right. It’s called a line dance, done here in Calgary, Alberta country bars. There are fat people who in unison do these silly moves hoping to lose weight and attract other cattle into their side stepping ritual. Then it’s off to the trough to feed and slobber on each other.
    That happens with about 90,000 Calgarians, while the rest of the million look good, find better ways to socialize, are healthy and buy and enjoy Macs. This video would have been really good if everyone wore gateway cow pattern shirts!

  20. Magnus says:

    Ohh the embarrassment of being a MS store employee… Maybe the union could do some good and ban these kinds of humiliating public circus acts?

  21. photogirl333 says:

    …. recorded on an iPhone 3GS …..

  22. Chris M says:

    2 minutes 10 secs, watch the girl in the white t-shirt near the door and what she slips into her handbag…

    Well done Microsoft.

    **shakes head**

  23. The Dude in Blue and the big guy in Orange also have pretty big racks.
    – The Doc

  24. Ed says:

    Worst thing is that M$ chose the most fat and uncoordinated people to do this. So retarded and uncool. Why not hire a few professional dancers and hot chicks that people would enjoy looking at. That way, people wouldn’t care if it were staged or not.

    I like that shoplifting chick… I hope a M$ store breaks out in a dance routine when I’m nearby. I’ll help myself too!

  25. Tice says:

    This … is … just scary! (: 0

  26. exodus says:

    Teehee. Most amusing. I was watching the shoplifting chick. Not so smooth, is she really shop lifting? It seems she just happens to be holding a flyer or newspaper or something, and it’s just interfering with her clapping, so she stuffs it in her bag. The items on the shelf closest to her seem to be rigid and plastic, and boxed. Though I admit it would be funny if she really was lifting.

  27. Anel says:

    Those employees were obeist. Apple employees, are more attractive.00000

  28. GlowingApple says:

    The whole time I was waiting for them to break out in song too.


  29. Bruno W says:

    So, this shows you don’t only need to be a fool to use their products; but you also need to make a fool of yourself if you want to work there.

  30. slappy says:

    Makes me want to pluck out my pubic hair by hand in chunks. It’s better than watching this piece of crap from Microsoft.

  31. HDrive says:

    Could have been worse. They could have got on to the tables and started to remove clothing

  32. tremlock says:

    would have been much better if the chick in green SPONTANEOUSLY ripped her shirt off

  33. marclamington says:

    so, for 5 minutes no customers were being helped, sales being generated or questions being asked. gotta love M$ for driving their OWN sales down.

  34. victor says:

    youtube bottom 1st prize?

  35. Bryan says:

    OMG!! That was too painful. I couldn’t take it after a couple minutes, let alone the over four minutes they “danced.”

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