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Even the way Macs CRASH is artsy

When James Theophane, creative director for the Lost Boys agency, was asked to contribute a piece of art for a recent reception, he decided to go the “mixed medium” route. Taking a horrible old Flea Market painting, James painted over the lower half and added a motorized foam core “beach ball of death” to simulate a Mac freezing up while loading a jpg.

Of course, most people born in the last 20 years or so can’t even remember when a jpg would load progressively, but those of us with 28 kbs modem battle scars will appreciate the thought.

My Painting Has Crashed from James Théophane Jnr on Vimeo.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jimmy Schapira for the link!

[ via theophane via designboom]

2 Responses to “Even the way Macs CRASH is artsy”
  1. Min says:

    Very nice!!!! I remember the good old modem days. Battle my friends in Starcraft over University’s dial-up connection. Good times!!!!

  2. davewhipped goliath says:

    2400 baud can recall watching single pages of text load hehe

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