I guess I more or less HAVE to post this… - Macenstein

I guess I more or less HAVE to post this…

…if for no other reason than the dance at the end.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Xavier for the link!

4 Responses to “I guess I more or less HAVE to post this…”
  1. ssj2_goha says:

    Immaturity at it’s best…. Please just grow up people….. haha jokes over let it die…

  2. Rob says:

    Aaahhhh….so it begins…I hope Steve fires his marketing team for this stupid name…come on, who didn’t see this…well, besides Steve and the marketing guru…

  3. darrell says:

    @Rob i don’t like the name either, but there might be a strategy toward it. you think notepad, you think of iPad. you think of iPod you think of iPad.

    i thought there were a lot of poor names for products recently. MacBook Pro was tough to grow on since i was a PowerBook user. the nintendo wii? come on…

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