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Steve Ballmer admits his signature is worthless

I must admit that Steve Ballmer is one smart fella. Approximately 2 seconds after signing this kid’s MacBook he realizes that he’s ruined it, and the poor guy needs a new one.


9 Responses to “Steve Ballmer admits his signature is worthless”
  1. pawel_z_wrocka says:

    Actually, while the text was pretty funny in this context, it was lame and cheap of him to place it over the logo. But what can you expect, huh?

  2. darrell says:

    i think it would be awesome to get a CEO to sign something of mine. people aren’t seeing the coolness factor of this at all.

  3. ObamaPacman says:

    It’s an attempt at viral marketing.

  4. TomE says:

    If you are dumb enough to let him sign your Mac, then don’t complain about what is on it. It would have been better to let him sign on the bottom !

  5. steveballmer says:

    Yo! What did you people expect me to do?

  6. ObamaPacman says:

    @fake ballmer,

    Without the direction of the viral marketing team, SB would have thrown it on the ground, and pretend to stomp on it. (He did that with an iPhone. In that case the person didn’t even asked him to sign the iPhone).

  7. slappy says:

    You might be able to get rid of the sharpie signature. Just try the dry erase marker trick. Google it.

  8. davewhipped goliath says:

    actually sharpie comes off Mac Book Pro aluminum with simple alcohol

  9. Ajan says:

    I agree with “davewhipped goliath”, (seriously dude,what a screen name)… Anyways, it comes off with any deodorant

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