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“The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 26 – Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot

This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Alex D.

On the Twenty-Sixth Day After Christmas, Macenstein gave to you (or, more accurately, gave you a chance to win…) A Darth Vader MIMOBOT!

Yes, everyone loves MIMOBOTS, those super cool USB2 thumb drives that not only make moving data fun, but also let the world know you can’t let go of your childhood (I’ve personally got a Domo and a StormTrooper model). Not only will the 4GB Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot will help keep your battle station plans safe from Bothan spies, but 1 in every 6 comes in the extremely rare “Classic” (ie, pasty Gray) Vader! So you never know which one you might get!

To enter: simply leave us a comment below letting us know who is the most bad-ass FICTIONAL villian of all time?. Winner will be picked randomly 7 days later and notified (kind of like in The Ring, only with less killing… we hope). Open to all readers world-wide. Good luck, and thanks for reading Macenstein! (Oh, and be sure to enter ALL our “12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaways!)
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231 Responses to ““The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 26 – Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot”
  1. ArKay says:

    I’d like to say Vader, but if he was really bad-assed he wouldn’t have changed in the end, would he have ?

    Now for presence and looks – Darth Maul. Had the script been written only a little closer to what should have happened… two dead jedi. Later, one dead emperor and a spiny, tattooed emperor.

  2. regularg0nz0 says:

    Hello Kitty.

  3. k19s says:

    Darth Vader

  4. Joe Y says:

    Agent Smith, from the Matrix

  5. Karsten says:

    The Joker (Batman – Dark Knight).

    Apparently the guy that played him is dead…or so I heard.

  6. Ron says:

    Dark Helmet!

    “So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. “

  7. Mikko says:


  8. Christophear says:

    Nicky Santoro

  9. Marlon Callejas says:

    Darth Vader of course… He’s classy!!!

  10. Arnold Zafra says:

    The JOKER as played by Heath Ledger

  11. Keith Higgins says:

    The original catwoman

  12. K Johnston says:

    Darth Vader would have to be my pick.

  13. Barry Napier says:

    I’d go with the Alien Queen from Aliens – massively badass evil alien!

  14. Mayte says:


  15. Nate says:

    Count Dooku!

  16. Seth says:

    Count Dracula, hands down

  17. Dreamer says:


  18. .hugo says:

    john doe from se7en

  19. Lienster says:


  20. The Emperor from Star Wars …

  21. Travis Schiebel says:

    Cigarette smoking man The X Files

  22. ronny says:

    mr blonde – reservoir dogs

  23. keloide says:

    Saddam Hussein?

  24. Teegan says:


  25. Thomas says:


  26. KAL says:

    Hannibal Lecter

  27. Stephanie says:

    Scar from the Lion King…. not only does he kill his own brother but he convinces Simba it was his fault. He tells Simba to run away only to send the Hyenas to kill him. He takes over as king and makes the lionesses and the hyenas do all his bidding. There didn’t seem to be any more male lions either so it was him and all those lionesses.

  28. hito says:

    The Joker

  29. mike says:

    the emperor riding a flying jaws, obviously

  30. Steve Bernier says:

    Syler ( Heroes )

  31. Jean Girard from Talladega nights, of course.


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