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They’re not exactly high-fiving, are they?

Someone managed to snap some video of Steve Jobs leaving the Yerba Buena Center after his iPad unveiling.

I’m sure its just me reading too much into this shot, but doesn’t the mood there amongst his posse seem just slightly less enthusiastic than that of a child’s funeral?

For the record, I am slowly warming to the idea of the iPad, and do not view it as the colossal let down many/most of you seem to. For years now I’ve complained about the idea of an Apple tablet, calling it the one imaginary Apple product I was LEAST looking forward to. And in fact, if Apple had unveiled a full-fledged touchscreen MacBook tablet, I would not have bought one. However, there seems to be just enough different about the iPad from both the MacBook and the iPod touch to at least make me consider buying one, which is something I was 110% sure I was NOT going to do before the keynote. So Steve and his pals there should buck up. They MAY have mad a sale after all.

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  1. Andy says:

    I’m sure porno looks great on the iPad. So what’s not to like?

  2. JM says:

    Sheesh…amazing how obtuse the older generation can be when it comes to innovation and new devices.

    If you ever sat on an airplane attempting to watch a video on a very small screen iPhone or iTouch, or tried to deal with space constrictions while using a laptop, then it’s really not a big leap of faith to appreciate what the iPad can offer.

    Likewise, this device will be the ideal size for many on the go situations. Light weight, excellent screen brightness, touch activated, great software…. What’s not to like???? And it will only get better. Once the development community gets going, this is going to be one useful piece of hardware. v 2 will have a webcam…put that in the bank.

  3. Richard DelFranco says:

    If Apple included Flash on the IPad, it would have been a homerun. As it stands now it’s just another device with a dumbed down internet browser. I have a drawer full of those, not gonna buy another one. Oh well, maybe Ipad 2.0

  4. Jason G. says:

    Jobs probably just has the post-big-event comedown. Happens to me all the time… all the adrenaline is gone, the job is done, now it’s time to rest and recover.

    As for the iPad… I think it just needs to fit the way that you want to use a tech. It’s a homerun for me personally. I know it won’t be the end-all-be-all for other people. On the flip side, tons of people love their netbook, I wouldn’t take one if offered it for free.

  5. Dan says:

    What is with people’s obsession with having flash? Personally, I think it’s the scourge of the internet. Raise your hand if you have a flash-blocker installed with your browser! *raises hand*

    Perhaps my opinion stems from the types of sites I visit often: it’s usually text I’m after and almost all video I’d like to see is an actual standard codec like H.264.

    You know flash would kill the vaunted 10-hour battery life of this thing and knock down its longevity marks. That alone is good enough reason for Apple not to support flash.

  6. Colin says:

    I think that’s just his personality when he’s not on stage. Have you seen the few bits of video of Steve not on stage? Soft spoken, head kind of down and almost nervous kind of hand movements. He’s still a huge nerd at heart (and that’s a compliment not a dis :-p).

  7. rob says:

    It just blows my mind why anyone would buy this over an iPhone or iPod. The only thing the iPad has over the other two devices is the size of the screen. Now, if it ran the MAC OS instead of the iPhone OS…then he may have a winner.

  8. Colin says:

    Oh I meant to raise my hand for Dan.

  9. darrell says:

    **ClickToFlash user here too** and i opted into the HTML5 testing for YouTube and Vimeo as well.

    i’m certainly not going to buy this but i see the potential in it. i remember when i started school again for the first time in 8 years: our teacher told us to start working at the computers in Office 2007. i have more exposure to Windows then i think many of us have, but never used the new version of Word. for the life of me i couldn’t find the Save, New or Print functions in the Ribbon.

    this is what the iPad is really for. it’s creating an environment that is intuitive and fun to use. if a windows veteran like myself can’t figure out the most important basic functions of Office immediately, then we’re taking a step back in the user interface.

  10. Chris Dunning says:

    *Click to Flash*

    It really opened my eyes to what flash is really used for on the web. Lots and lots of ads that I don’t have to see anymore.

  11. JM says:

    “It just blows my mind why anyone would buy this over an iPhone or iPod. The only thing the iPad has over the other two devices is the size of the screen. Now, if it ran the MAC OS instead of the iPhone OS…then he may have a winner.”

    As a photographer, this is going to be an exceptional tool for portfolio demo’s and presentations. Why lug a heavier machine around when a 1 1/2 lb device will do???

    The iPhone/iTouch serve their own purposes, however, for those on the go via travel, business, etc. this is going to be quite the game changer in the computing world. Long battery, good size screen for video, minimal weight, and a lot of computing options add up to a big winner for Apple.

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