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Man, is there anything that DOESN’T set Hitler off?

First we saw Hitler get upset when his car got stolen, then about the lack of camera in the iPod touch, and again when he got banned from xBox live. Well, surprise surprise, Hitler’s not exactly thrilled with the iPad either.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Matt and the rest of you who sent this in.

6 Responses to “Man, is there anything that DOESN’T set Hitler off?”
  1. Jon says:

    he’s such a hater lately.

  2. darrell says:

    this might be the best internet meme of the past 10 years.

  3. A. Emre Ünal says:

    TBH, I agree with him

  4. ceddi says:

    the german speech has nothing to do with the english text. he is speeking about a complete different theme 🙁

  5. Tom Pintens says:

    @Ceddi: No kidding!

    You don’t think that this is what some people might consider irony?

    I fart in your general direction? Your father smells like elderberries? You son of a silly person?

  6. Bjarkovic says:

    These are getting old.

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