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World’s Fastest IPhone Texter does 56 word per minute – iPhone melts

Wow. This is either Bishop from the movie Aliens, or the world’s best secretary.

That’s right, using the iTextSpeed app, this cyborg was able to pump out 56 words a minute on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. And we’re talking ACTUAL, grown up words, no TTY and LOLs and such. Just wait ’til he gets an iPad… his fingers will probably go back in time or something.

[via metacafe]

10 Responses to “World’s Fastest IPhone Texter does 56 word per minute – iPhone melts”
  1. darrell says:

    i always felt that one could learn to type quickly on the iPhone keyboard if you don’t think of it as a hardware keyboard. this video proves that typing quickly can be done.

  2. Rob says:

    Some one is either very skilled or has way too much time their hands. Would love to know the age and gender of the person doing this.

  3. Heha says:

    Why would you love to know the age and gender of this person u perv

  4. I just downloaded this and used it in landscape mode and achieved 61wpm with only one word incorrect. I dont’ considered myself as good as what could really be achieved and have friends that are faster so obviously this must be a joke

  5. Chomby says:

    @Lance, I agree i just downloaded it and the first try i got 59. Maybe a global highscore list should be incorporated so we can actually see how high we rank

  6. iTextSpeed says:

    56WPM was the fastest I could go and get a decent video. All the other videos out there showed some pretty slow typing, so as far as I could tell, this was the fastest. If you can go faster, please share a video and we can see who is the real fastest 🙂 CaddyKid0 already has a response at 62WPM:

  7. frijole says:

    Not long after the iPhone came out, when I was working at the Apple Store, there was an internal contest for fastest typing. They never updated with the results, but I pretty much blew everyone I knew out of the water.

    The first run with iTestSpeed, I clocked 53 WPM.

    Sorry, but color me unimpressed 😉

  8. tt says:

    This is pretty fast, but isn’t real typing. There’s no punctuation whatsoever. Not even a full stop. And there’s no capital letters either. Real speed typing test sentences include plenty of complex punctuation – percentage signs, speech marks, hash marks, semi-colons etc, and complex spelling with obscure words.

  9. Andrew says:

    that is really fast

  10. ApparentlyATextingBeast says:

    I have had this phone for 2 days and achieved this:

    Your typing speed is pathetic.

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