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Acrobatic Apple thieves “steal different”

In a world of “Smash and Grab” Apple thefts and gun-totting thugs, it’s nice to see a professional Apple Heist where no-one gets hurt. Case in point, the theft of 20 Apple laptops from a South Brunswick, NJ Best Buy where the thieves apparently pulled a Tom Cruise, descending from ropes in the ceiling to avoid setting off alarms, and then jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch proclaiming their love for Katie Holmes.

tom cruise

On top of the building, they used a saw to cut through several inches of rubber and insulation, then sliced a 3-foot-wide square in the metal roof,” said Detective James Ryan.

They cut a hole in the roof and came in at a spot where the cameras were obscured by advertising banners.

Once inside, the burglars dropped 16 feet to 10-foot-tall racks — avoiding contact with the floor, where motion sensors would have set off an alarm. They snatched the notebooks from the racks, then went back out through the roof.

Maybe it’s the entertainment industry’s glorification of well thought-out thieves with cool tools and clock-work timing, but I Kind of dig these guys. I think whenever you see someone who’s good at their job, whatever it is, it’s nice to take a second and let them know you respect their skill. So, kudos to them. Plus they apparently have great taste.

tom cruise

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jimbo for the tip!


4 Responses to “Acrobatic Apple thieves “steal different””
  1. Love the artwork Doc.

  2. Jonro says:

    They are certainly a cut above the typical “smash and grab” thieves, but in the end they are still thieves. By the way, did the circus pass through South Brunswick recently?

  3. ObamaPacman says:

    LOL, great photoshops!

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