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Feed my Twitter Ego

I just logged in to Twitter and saw I am about 50 followers shy of 1000, and while I’m not usually one to get caught up in the numbers game, 951 is just a really stupid number. So if you aren’t already following me, please help me reach my meaningless goal which meant nothing to me 5 minutes ago and yet now is an all consuming obsession. Thanks.

Who would want to miss out on gems like this?

3 Responses to “Feed my Twitter Ego”
  1. Smorgasbord says:

    This reminds me of the very religious young man who made an agreement with his church to tithe 10%. When he first started tithing he gave $5 a week. As time went on, and he became more successful, and gave $50, then $500, then $5,000.

    He saw how much he was giving and figured he couldn’t afford that amount. He went to the preach and ask him if the amount could be reduced.

    The wise preacher told him that he made the contract with God, not him, and he couldn’t do anything about it. The preacher then said that he would ask God to reduce the man’s income down to a level that he can afford the tithe.

    I will pray for your ego to be reduced down so you will appreciate the ones you have and not keep craving more and more and more and more….

  2. @Smorgasbord,
    I don’t know…. I kind of remember Jesus being all about getting new followers…


    – The Doc

  3. Smorgasbord says:

    I look at it kind of like a business: If you give the people what they want they will come back and they will tell their friends about the business. Just keep up the good work and ye shall reap what you sow. Don’t forget to keep the seeds watered.

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