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And the first idiots to film themselves smashing an iPad are…

I think back when videos of people smashing gadgets were shocking, these guys might have appeared slightly cooler. But now you just sort of think, “Geez, they had to get up around 7:30 on a Saturday, wait on line, and spend a minimum of $500 to do this.” I can’t help thinking if I were them I would have rather slept until 11 AM and then bought a sensibly priced sofa at Bob’s Discount Furniture.

[via 9 to 5’s twitter]

22 Responses to “And the first idiots to film themselves smashing an iPad are…”
  1. Jerry says:

    I wish I had $500 to throw away!

  2. darthrez says:

    hhahahhhah. Fat nerds are hilarious!!! Why not make take up a cause that would help humanity instead 😉

  3. Ryan says:

    If there is any justice in the world, when they walked around the corner there was a group of hot girls curiously gathered around some dude lovingly showing off his new iPad. And when they get home their netbooks will have catastrophic hardware failures when they try to log into

    I’ll just never understand these types of idiots.

  4. Colin says:

    Maybe they were dropped on concrete and hit with bats as children. They just assumed that’s how you bring new things into this world.

  5. Rick says:

    Kids with their parents’ credit card. Notice that they don’t show their faces.

  6. Christos Kolaritis says:

    >a group of hot girls curiously gathered around some dude lovingly showing off his new iPad.

    You don’t honestly believe that some geeky gadget will make you more attractive to girls, do you? OMG… talk about over-hyped…

  7. Seth says:

    I remember when we were kids, we used to spend our parents’ money on drugs and alcohol.

  8. Raj Penn says:

    Somebody forgot to jackoff today.
    These are the perfect pieces to put up on the frontline
    in this on going war.

  9. macmonkeymark says:

    I suspect that the Zunes in their pockets would fair just as well.

  10. segaprophet says:

    They aren’t making an anti-Apple statement per se, they’re making a statement about the frivolity of our consumer culture.

    (I hope they are at least, otherwise they’re just being stupid)

  11. Ryan says:

    why? why? such a waste of an ipad and 500 bucks! those guys are idiots. oh wait, is that the cool thing to do now? my bad

  12. Juo says:

    Kids starve in Africa while fat nerds in America smash $500 iPads, something is wrong with the world 🙁

  13. thejackyl says:

    You are all just jealous cause you can’t have ipads… they can smash it if they want, too bad for you whiners hahha

  14. Dave says:

    The highlight is the Best Buy morons—at least one of whom is easily identifiable—eagerly filming it in their uniforms. Like no one has been fired for less.

  15. Ithika says:

    🙁 When did kids get so stupid?

  16. rob says:

    Wonder if AppleCare will consider that physical damage…

  17. Larry says:

    Wow, what morons. So you don’t like the iPad, but to waste money just to smash one? I guess stupidity knows no bounds.

  18. hotchick555 says:

    HOW DARE THAY! A S S H O L E S jerk faces. the fat doush bags are stupid i could of paid off a fricking car bill with that $500 I know wat i would do if I had the baseball bat i would smash there faces in!

  19. dd87 says:

    hahaha funny..but if i had an ipad or somethin else i sure as hell wouldnt do that. but apparently they r making money off this??

  20. Mars says:

    These crowds of people, and some videos about “iPad & baseball bat” =) these all… just only to make you buy one of them =))) iPad is a useless toy, by the way.

  21. melanie says:

    there actually 300 not 500

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