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Win one of 5 sets of exclusive Speck SXSW iPhone cases!

These days it seems like everyone and their grandma has an iPhone. However I remember a time, WAY back in 2007 (cue flashback), when having an iPhone meant something. You were part of an exclusive club. Sure, it was a club who was angry at overpaying for their iPhone, but still, we had a secret handshake and everything. I remember the thrill of showing off my iPhone to anyone who happened to be unfortunate enough to get within 15 yards of me. And I’ll never forget the look on their face when I showed them… the, um… clock app, and, um… the stocks widget. OK, let’s face it, the iPhone has gotten a whole lot cooler since then with the coming of the app store, and it’s no wonder that so many people have them now.

But even though our once exclusive club has blossomed into country-sized numbers, there’s still a way to recapture that exclusive iPhone thrill. Our good friends at Speck have given us 5 sets of two exclusive limited edition iPhone cases. These limited edition cases are a variation on Speck’s awesome fitted hard case ($30 each) (which just happens to be my case of choice these days), and were given out ONLY at this years SXSW music festival in conjunction with Aol Events. Each winner will receive a set of both the “jeans” and “microphone” designs, and more importantly, will once again be able to experience an exclusive thrill when holding their iPhone. (Unless you happen to run into one of the other 4 winners, of course).

In order to enter: Now that everyone has had a couple of years to get used to the iPhone and some of the novelty has worn off, I’ve noticed it’s gotten a little harder to impress people with our Jesus phone. So to enter, tell us What is the most impressive iPhone app you’ve seen? It can be pure eye candy, or pure utility, but what’s your “go to” app when you want to put a Blackberry or Droid user in their place? Contest ends April 26th, 2010. Open to Us and Canadian residents only. Thanks, and good luck!

59 Responses to “Win one of 5 sets of exclusive Speck SXSW iPhone cases!”
  1. Rob says:

    Not the most productive app in the world, but my newest addiction is the pocket legends app followed by the redbox app.

  2. Patrick L says:

    The facebook application is amazing compared other phones and the mobile/touch version like on safari. And it can get through my high school facebook block without a problem.

  3. felix says:

    Civilization Revolution

  4. John Hefner says:

    Touch Mouse – it’s a simple app by logitech that turns your iphone/touch into a wireless mouse and keyboard.
    My laptop always ends up tied to the tv when I stream movies/tv shows; it’s a hassle getting up and down to hit play, so Touch Mouse comes in real handy.
    This apps usefulness and simplicity is what impresses friends. One of the guys I had over told his wife it was yet another reason why they needed to get iphones.


  5. Grant Wall says:

    The most impressive app I’ve seen to date would have to be TomTom GPS.

    While it’s somewhat of a standard GPS app, it’s functionality has gained it a hope on my iPhone, and I’ve used it on numerous occasions when out on a road trip.

  6. Tyler Wall says:

    I’d have to say Eliminate Pro. It’s a fun game. It’s also a bonus for whenever someone says something like, “Oh yeah, what can you play, like 50 different versions of tetris?”. I just reply, “No, actually, theres this first person shooter game, here let me show you.”

  7. Wesley Bishop says:

    Wolfram Alfa.

  8. Trevor Ramage says:

    I don’t know if it would blow anyone away but the MLB at bat app is my most used by far. Being in Canada and cheering for a team other than the blue jays, AtBat is pretty much the only way to follow every game.

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