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Screenshots of AutoCad for Mac surface – reportedly “Works like $#!%”

Our good friends over at TheAppleLounge have received some screenshots of a beta of AutoCad running on the Mac.

According to the user, the software “va una chiavica”, which loosely translates to “works like shit”. But it’s a very very early beta, so we predict by next month it will have progressed to working like crap.

3 Responses to “Screenshots of AutoCad for Mac surface – reportedly “Works like $#!%””
  1. Joe says:

    As a draftsman by trade, I can safely say that AutoCAD is supposed to work like shit. I wrestle with that behemoth on XP on a daily basis. I’m kind of upset to see this, I’ve always had an excuse for not bringing my work home.

  2. Dan says:

    Let’s see, Autodesk said they were going to port their products for the Mac mere months after the intel debut it, what was it? 2005? That also happened to be a month after I bought a top-of-the-line Powerbook G4 (which I’m still stuck using).
    You can imagine that as an architect by trade, I was pretty pissed at my luck, but I’ve had the intervening years to find solace in them not delivering on the promise, and using VPC to emulate win2000 when I have to urase CAD at home.

    It’s 2010 and counting here. Way2Go, Autodesk! you’ve managed to drag this out over 5 years. Maybe with all that time, they’ve managed to create software that doesn’t have all of the memory issues, etc. since macs have a limited number of hardware profiles. But then again, this is Autodesk, after all…

  3. brh says:

    Now, I know that Maya worked like shit before Autodesk ever laid their hands on it… But still, if that’s any indication of what Autodesk considers passable Mac software… We’re in for a hell of a ride. Adobe, you’ve got some good competition in the worst Mac UI department!

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