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Conspiracy Theorists Unite!! The Black Helicopters Are Circling!!

Additive Tips is reporting that, (according to a “trusted source inside Apple”), Apple is now working with AT&T to check iOS 4 iPhones every 7-14 days or so via through OTA (over-the-air) updates to see if they’re jailbroken, and if so, it will relock them and place the users on a blacklist.

“How it works is every 7 to 14 days We (Apple) and AT&T send a message to your iPhone that gathers some data from your iPhone without you knowing and we see what is running, baseband and firmware. We then send a following message. “There are optional updates for your iPhone, Would you like to install them now?” two options “Yes” or “Later”. Those are what would would call “OPTIONAL UPDATES” Now there are things called “MANDATORY UPDATES”. They tend to work the same way, grab data from the iPhones sends it to AT&T and us then back to your iPhone with the message, “Your iPhone (name of iphone) must be updated to the current AT&T standards to run”, your only option is to “Accept” Now you can try to work your way around it until you get the second mandatory message again “You must plug iPhone into iTunes and update” If you don’t do this you will then receive no Signal from the network anymore and your iPhone will potentially lock up with no signs of use until you update your iPhone via iTunes. You all agreed to this terms and condition when you installed iTunes 9.2 and then again once you updated to iOS4. With that being Said go ahead Try to unlock the iPhone it will only last 14 days max…”

If true, this would be such a PR nightmare for both companies that I really can’t imagine anything worse for their public image. Oh wait, yes I can! According to the same source…

“Worst yet is once a person connects to another person on FaceTime it for some reason non of us in the office can figure out, sends us APPLE a message and says those two people are connecting via Facetime and gives out their location to us. So for whatever reason we need that information just blows my mind. As a consumer why would you need to let Apple know that you are connecting with a person via FaceTime, its non of Apple’s business.”

So, there you have it folks! iOS 4 is evil, Apple is evil, and AT&T is evil. (Well, there always is a LITTLE truth in every rumor).

[via TheNextWeb]

3 Responses to “Conspiracy Theorists Unite!! The Black Helicopters Are Circling!!”
  1. Phil says:

    The truth in this rumor: you can use FaceTime with the iPhone 4. That’s it.

  2. Kenneth says:

    Someone is a little high on some iPhone4…

  3. Andrea says:

    Does Apple hires its wannabe tipsters based on their spelling skills, so they can easily track them down later?

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