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Fans choose iPads over paper at Comic-Con

Above: “Fire” is the one on the left (Pic by Adam Hughes).

Can anything TRULY be considered “geeky” when you’re at Comic-Con? Well, I’m not sure, but if so, then this has to come close. You know how at comic conventions people will stand in line for hours waiting to have an original piece of comic art drawn for them by some prominent comic book artist? No? Well they do. Myself included. I can recall one such depressing outing at a Ramada Inn or some such hell hole back in 1990 or so, and paying Erik Larsen (who was Marvel at the time, just having taken over Spider-Man from McFarlane) to draw me a picture of Fire (from DC’s Fire and Ice) comics simply because she was SOOOO hot and he was the best artist who bothered to show up to that event. Hey, I was 12. Not that I wouldn’t do the same thing today. I think he basically drew Mary Jane Watson with green hair, which was fine with me, as she was also SOOOO hot.

Anyway, while paying to have someone draw you some original comic art (from a series they don’t even draw) is geeky enough, at least you can sell it one day right? (Humor me). Well, Jim Lee, one of the truly great comic artists of our time, posted the following tweet yesterday, which I think shows just how far things have come.

That’s right, people are now bringing their iPads to Comic conventions to have Jim draw various comic characters on them. And while it certainly will be harder for this fan to sell his original masterpiece in the future (and no doubt retire on the profits, as I planned to do with Erik Larsen’s drawing at the age of 12) it isn’t QUITE as odd as it might sound. As you may recall, Jim’s been posting various SketchBook Pro for iPad sketches to his Twitter for a few months now, which means this guy’s iPad is now going to increase in value ASTRONOMICALLY! Jim, if you’re reading this, can you please send me a picture of Fire for my iPad? She is SOOOO hot and I don’t have Erik Larsen’s contact info. Thanks.

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