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Mount your iPad or iPod touch IN-wall with iPort

iport ipad install

Do you love your portable Apple gear, but just wish it wasn’t so… portable? Well, iPort may just have the solution. The company specializes in mounting systems for both the iPod touch and iPad that will allow you to place your Apple device inside the walls of your home, ideal for home audio, home automation, or just getting people to say “Is that a #$@-ing iPAD in your wall?!?”

iport ipad install

The iPort CM2000 for the iPad will run you $499.00, while iPod touch owners can get in on the fun with the $250 CM100. Both units will keep your iGadget fully charged, and ensure that your title as the ultimate Apple Fanboy in the neighborhood will remain intact. More pics after the jump.

iport ipad install

iport ipad install

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jamie for the tip!

5 Responses to “Mount your iPad or iPod touch IN-wall with iPort”
  1. Dan says:

    Two words:

    Shower Mount.

    Who wouldn’t want to take their iPad in the shower with them? Then they could check the weather, plan what to wear, surf to whatever sites seem appropriate at the time…

    I’m still waiting for the iPad Otterbox so that my wife can take her reading into the bath tub with her.

    No, I’m not that dense- of course you can’t use the touchscreen when it’s covered up by a waterproof case. Or can you?

  2. Jonro says:

    $500 for a wall mount? They must think they’re putting a $2,000 Crestron controller in there.

  3. JerNor says:

    I’ve been looking for what I should do with my original iPhone since I got the iPhone 4. Maybe there a DIY version of this somewhere.

  4. Killer's Dad says:

    I take my iPhone 4 in a Zip-Lok bag to the jacuzzi all the time.

  5. When I went to Darien Lake’s water park, I double bagged my iPhone 4 inside 2 ziplock bags, and went for it.

    The best and cheapest waterproof cases come from the food storage aisle at Walmart. 🙂

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