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Apple tops the list of searched for stolen items

When my wife’s iPhone was stolen a few weeks back, I noticed something as I searched for others who shared my plight.

That’s right, Apple has snagged 2 of the top 4 most Googled theft queries, outranking stolen identities, passports and social security cards. And yes, even the Zune.

2 Responses to “Apple tops the list of searched for stolen items”
  1. The Captain says:

    With respect to your wife’s issue, I’m in law enforcement and yes iPhones, iPods and MacBooks gets stolen daily if not hourly but most of the time it’s because the owner did something stupid and gave up there item.
    “I put my iPhone and MacBook down on the table to order coffee’ and I turned around and they were gone!”
    ** “Why did you place these items on a table to order coffee’?”
    “I need both hands free to carry the cups, sugar and stuff for my friend and I.”
    ** “”How long did it take to get coffee’ and where was your friend?”
    “It only took a few minutes! I was in line for like 5 or 8 minutes, but it was moving fast and my friend was parking the car.”

    I hear different versions of the same story all day long… “I only was any for 15 minutes and my iPhone was gone!” Then they get pissed off at us because “we’re not doing anything or our job.”

  2. Matthew Smith says:

    This is an unfair treatment of the Zune. Of course the Google search results will show more people searching to report stolen iPhones and iPods than Zunes. That’s because all Zune users search with BING!

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