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God, I want to F that Kindle

OK, so the iPad is a nerd who sunbathes while fully clothed and the Kindle has boobs. Fine. But that chick is pretty much the only thing sexy about the Kindle, and to point out that you only paid $139 – or roughly one quarter the price of an iPad – would be more impressive if it did one quarter of what the iPad does. But given the Kindle is a 1-trick pony whose main advantage appears to be easier reading while outdoors (which would only account for 5% of the reading I do on my iPad, and reading actually only accounts for .005% of all things I do on my iPad), I really don’t feel gypped.

Although it would be nice if the iPad had boobs.

7 Responses to “God, I want to F that Kindle”
  1. Jonro says:

    Well, first of all, he’s not much of a nerd if he doesn’t know about the Kindle’s screen. So, I have to conclude that he is a nerd, but he’s talking to her because he wants to pick her up, maybe impress her with his shiny, reflective iPad. But, wait, she’s really self-absorbed and impressed with herself because her sunglasses cost about $150. At this point, the guy must have realized that she’s an idiot because she could have bought those sunglasses on eBay for about $35 and then maybe she could afford to buy an iPad. Anyway, he’s better off without her because if they do go out to dinner, she’ll order the most expensive thing on the menu so the next day she can tell her friends how much her dinner cost. He should go over and talk to the girl on the chaise lounge in the upper right corner of the screen because she’s smiling at him instead of reading a book.

  2. Tice says:

    I think it’s disturbing because of that robot Laughing Bag at the end. What’ that about? Is it like the fake laughs in Sitcoms, so that people know it’s funny?

  3. ObamaPacman says:

    Amazon is saying Kindle ONLY works when wearing sun glasses outdoors.

    Guess what? iPad works with sunglasses outside too.

  4. Paul says:

    Is this supposed to be some kind of dig at the iPad for being “too expensive”? Cuz it’s not working. I guess Amazon is only interested in catering to the kind of idiot pays more than $139 for sunglasses.

    That’s the message I got from this ad, anyway.

  5. Dropd says:

    I’ve seen boobs on my iPad.

  6. Steve God Jobs says:

    Ironic that the Glasses and the Kindle combined are still cheaper than the iFad. Even I get it poor iZombies

  7. xyberdruid says:

    @Steve God Jobs on Mon STFU

    also glad to know i’m not the only person who wants to slap the smile of that tart

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